Metal To Infinity

Finally, here it is! The new Antithesis! I have been waiting for such a long time for this one! This band is totally unknown to the Metal community and that’s a scandal. Their self entitled debut album and the follow-up “Dying For Life” are outstanding releases and hold everything the purest kind of US Power Metal is all about. I realize only the chosen few adore this genre and only a small number of Metal Heads know the band. Believe me if you’re into this kind of Metal you’ll be addicted to it forever, as I am. Waiting nine years for a new CD is long…but allow me to say already it was all worth waiting for. 

The problem seems to be the fact that Antithesis was searching for the perfect singer for their kind of music. I’m convinced it must have been a hard search finding a vocalist who’s at least as good as Ty Cook was. The man was found and listens to the name of Matt Atkins. I’ll tell you more about him later… Another lad we find back here, as a matter of fact since the second Antithesis CD, is Paul Konjicija. He’s also the guitar player of Dark Arena, that other infamous US Progressive Power Metal band that also released two unforgettable releases! From the original band only drummer Paul Kostyak is still a member. Sean Perry is the other guitar player and we’ll find Brian Glodde (Mindscape, Dark Arena,…) behind the bass guitar. 

If we talk about disgraces I can start with mentioning the major one! How in the world is it possible that this band didn’t find a label? Is Metal nowadays only about commercialism and selling false gold while the real gold stays unexplored? The true and valuable records can often be found under the surface, were nobody looks… Let “Dreaming Reality” be the perfect proof for it.   

Unpredictable, sophisticated and technical, melodic yet powerful, dominating and overwhelming, a US style Power Metal masterpiece, capturing the sheer essence of the genre and improving it with the addition of speed and progressive metal elements! Antithesis mixes technical genres in Metal, sorts we can find back in the Eighties (Mercyful Fate, Lethal, Crimson Glory, Helstar,) or in the Progressive style of the Nineties (Symphony X, Dream Theater,…) and adds a Powerful energy boosts to it (the more ‘Thrashy’ effects in it). Fans of Helstar, New Eden, Steel Prophet, Spirit Web etc. will worship it although Antithesis has always contained their own brand and trademarks! 

Technical riffs, sophisticated drum parts, difficult bass guitar lines and touching guitar solos can be found back on this one. The arrangements are strong but give the guitarists and singer enough freedom to experiment, to show what they’re capable of.  

It’s time to come back to Matt Atkins. He’s an unknown yet great vocalist. As I’ve told you before it must have been a hard job replacing Ty Cook because this lad had a specific and fantastic timbre. Matt Adkins can hook up with him and this man contains strong lungs and a wide ranged voice. His clear and strong voice is varied and his high screams are demonstrative. He’s anyway a more traditional Metal and less original singer than Ty Cook was but he shouldn’t take this as a negative point. As a matter of fact he reminds me to singers like Rick Mythiasin (Steel Prophet), Zak Stevens (Savatage) even David Coverdale (Whitesnake) and another singer I can’t identify right now. It shows how good this man really is! 

Antithesis deserves all of your attention and is a band that needs to be explored! Musical wise there isn’t anything negative to say about the band from Cleveland/Ohio. I can only hope these guys got signed but nowadays it’s hard to predict if this will happen. Therefore the US Metal underground has been mistreated far too long. American Music critics should stop thinking in dollars when they talk about Metal bands and should re-discover their own underground. As I’ve said before it’s so precious and there’s so much to discover out there. This CD will probably end in my top ten this year… Check them out at: . Hopefully they’ll bet at the KIT or HOA festival as soon as possible… 

My Points: 96 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)