Metal To Infinity

I received this CD from California based Apothesary today, opened the envelope right on because I couldn’t wait any longer to hear their new album “A Harsh Reality”. In advance I knew that this effort would seize me from the throat and now, after hearing all of the songs – I can only confirm that fully convinced. Bay Area Thrash Metal always been interested me, make notice of the fact that since the early eighties this type of Metal music brought on rough but unforgettable moments. To make a long story short, I had a real good time back then and it gives me a fantastic feel to see the scene still lives. Besides Thrash Metal icons like Forbidden, Heathen, Exodus, Death Angel which are still alive and kicking; it’s good to know that so called lesser-known acts bring out their stuff in a Bay Area thrashing way as well. One of them is Apothesary and holy shit – what a killer band is this!!   

Aged from 16 to 18 years, Apothesary is THE revelation in Bay Are Thrash Metal and that’s for sure. I wonder how it’s possible to learn this way musical techniques at such a young age. I guess the final solution must be practising fingers to the bone each and every day – and of course, the enthusiasm and passion for Metal music must be present as well. So far, these youngsters already shared the stage with greats like, Forbidden, Joey Belladonna, Hexen, Boded By Blood, Hatchet, Sentinel Beast, Attitude Adjustment and more. It’s just another proof that Apothesary does it very well. 

World wide, their debut album “A Harsh Reality” will be released on the 15th. Of November 2011 through Itchy Metal Entertainment. The counter on my CD rack reflects 12 songs wich means more than 50 minutes of right-in-your-face, furious but technical US Thrash Metal. Singer Jared Eandi screams it out in full force, his throat is able to nail you down to the ground. Like an untameable beast, he spits out every form of pure aggression you can imagine. Also not a problem using a more deep and deadly lower voice – I’d like to describe Jared as a mixture of the early Dave Vincent in its period with Morbid Angel and Darren Travis of Sadus. Than we have another incredible player in the band and that’s actually the leader of the gang named Clayton Cagle and his over the top, superior way of guitar picking. Sometimes so fast but still very controlled and with so much technique, absolutely TOP NOTCH! Watching for the band’s line-up I see only one guitar player, in this case it’s Mr. Clayton who does all the incredible guitar stuff and I’d like to bow for… brilliant! Bassist Mike Britton is the Steve Di Giorgio (Sadus) in the band and drummer Greg O’ Neil is the beast of thunder pounding everything to shreds. 

Most of the time, Apothesary plays unbeatable Thrash Metal the American way – these guys have so much technique within their fingers, they impress me with both excellent Power / Heavy Metal moves as well, again it’s masterbrain Clayton Cagle and his magical form of guitar torturing that speaks to my imagination. Enjoying the entire “A Harsh Reality” album, Apothesary reminds me in some ways of bands like Demented Ted (album: “Promises Impure”), Massacre (album:”From Beyond”), Demolition Hammer (album: “Epidemic Of Violence”), early Sadus / Arch Enemy, Burnt Offerings (first band of Gene ‘Dark Angel’ Hoglan), Merciless (album: “The Awakening”),… the wild ones you know! 

Apothesary is a very promising and potential band for the future world of Thrash Metal music. I’m still impressed about the fact this is a very young aged outfit delivering such a fantastic album already. In hope these young lads can hold on their faith in Thrash Metal, I expect that they can build a great career. Apothesary might be unfamiliar to you so I recommend to take a look at their pages www.apothesary.com  /  www.reverbnation.com/apothesary  /  www.facebook.com/apothesary  /  www.facebook.com/apothesary   If furious and technical Thrash Metal is you alley, I’m sure you will buy their awesome effort “A Harsh Reality” undoubtedly. Apothesary, best young aged Thrash Metal act of 2011! 

My Points: 94 / 100 (Review by Stefan)