Metal To Infinity

Starting my day with writing down the review for a US Metal band makes me feel good. The past few days I was listening to the band Argus’ new album entitled “Boldly Stride The Doomed” – actually their second effort, this time released through Italian label Cruz Del Sur Music. Great record company already released many good stuff in the past… interesting for me is the fact they also have a heart for US Metal (maybe you should check out THIS spot. 

Before I’ve heard the new album from Argus I was totally unfamiliar with them and that’s quite a shame. Their first and self titled album came out in May 2009 and reportedly this one got rave reviews world wide pointed. It’s a bit of a pity kinda situation I can’t give you my own thoughts on the album but after hearing the new one “Boldly Stride The Doomed”, I'm quite sure the debut must be a killer album as well. True fact is that I will start looking around to buy the debut album from Argus really soon. 

I would make myself clear that “Boldly Stride The Doomed” has been worked out extremely decently – let’s say the way it should be. Argus’ name of the game can be described as a mixture of Classic Heavy / Power Metal music splashed with loads of Doom Metal elements. The end result makes a very enthusiast person of myself. First remarkable elements I witnessed was singer Brian ‘Butch’ Balich – this way of singing, well that’s it to me people! Brian likes the use his voice in a quite soaring but full of power and very clear manner – true fact is that he succeeds entirely in his aim. I knew for sure that I’ve heard this guy before playing with another band and checking out the band’s biography I got it all right – Brian Balich was the man behind the vocal duties in Penance as well. Not familiar with Penance – refresh your memory by checking out your early 90s US Doom Metal collection instead.   

Argus also have two excellent guitar players within its ranks – fantastic, over the top skilled instrumentalists that will let you dream away as soon as they start too share so much beautiful guitar riffs and solo works with the listener. Watch out for pure guitar driven, old school way of guitar deliveries – stand strong for an extreme but still very joyful ear attack when both axemen start offering so much heavy loaded riffs, technical and melodic leads… GREAT! Bass lines following the hard hitting drums decently which allows me to mention the fact that in the end – every single piece of the puzzle fits just perfectly! 

Please make notice that a band like Argus has absolutely nothing to do with the modern, nowadays metal movement. So, expect no Euro, happy kinda way of Metal music – hell no, Argus means Traditional Heavy / Power and Doom Metal played as it should be! Fans of old Iron Maiden, Trouble, Solitude Aeturnus, Dream Death, Candlemass better shake hands with defenders of more newer bands like Sinister Realm, Forsaken, Memory Garden, While Heaven Wept – be sure that Argus will bring on similar and very pleasant moment as well. 

The longest song (11+ minutes) ‘Pieces Of Your Smile’ has the character of a pure Doom Metal track with some kind of a turn-on-the-speed final phase including superb vocals and beautiful guitar tactics. ‘Fading Silver Light’ is actually what Argus is all about – excellent Metal music played in a traditional heavy, power and doom way. To me a true fact is that both frontman and guitarists show so much chemistry I really adore all of the songs.  

‘A Curse On The Wall’, ‘The Ladder’, the title track or any other one… just go check out Pennsylvania based Argus’ second and new album “Boldly Stride The Doomed”. If you’re hooked on good Metal music offered by a world class singer that is surrounded by top notch musicians, this the one you’re looking for. You definitely will praise the album with heart and soul. One of the most adorable  albums at the moment… at the end of  2011, “Boldly Stride The Doomed” gets a fair and well deserved place in my personal list of favourite efforts! Check ‘em out at:  

My Points: 94 / 100 (Review by Stefan)