Metal To Infinity

The pretty young band Army Rising from Ireland is releasing their debut album at the end of this year, and if I might believe their accompanied promotional sheet, it was about time to unleash this ‘Impending Chaos’. Last year, we write 2010, there was already a first effort by the EP, or better, 4 track demo release. Three out of the four songs that featured that demo, are re-recorded for this very first output, and they added 7 newer songs to accomplish their task. Together with Rising Records they want to spread their word and message that themed around war and corruption, lyrically. The song ‘Resuscitate’ which was on the demo, didn’t make it to this first full length album, so I guess that this track was of a lesser quality qua arrangement and structure.  

What about the rest? Well, opener is called ‘Who I Am’, and this is a real headbanging opener with a great melody chorus line. It felt a bit like Diamond Head, which is a huge compliment of course. Noel has a voice that fits to the music, although it’s not always correct, as you will hear that a false note appears now and then. Together with Tony, Louis, Ted and Garreth they managed to bring 10 songs full of passion and emotion and the necessary drive to make it interesting for other peoples ears! The songs contain a lot of interesting hooks and twists and the guitar duels of Garreth and Tony are refreshing and at some moments outstanding! So far, so good… 

The name of the band Army Rising is well chosen as the average age of the members is 17-18 years young. That’s quite an impressing move! The production of this first album is perhaps the weakest link in the totality of Army Rising. A good army needs a strong base and excellence it its entirely, and that’s where it might go wrong with this band. There is still a lot of work to do and the road isn’t paved till finish.  But all in all, they managed to release a first album with a pretty good point of view. I liked their structures and the 50 minutes of playing time was pure amusement, but there are so many bands with the same characteristics that they will need some extra to draw everyone’s attention. Locally, they might built a strong fan base, next task is to write better songs, and last but not least, cooperate with a (better?) producer to bring the songs to a next level.  First battle might be won, but the war is still raging! 

My rating: 78 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)