Metal To Infinity

Silvere Catteau is the man behind Armageddon, a solo project from France – since 1999, he was a full member of the Black Metal act Lord, Silvere played drums back then. Apparently, he must have liked more time to handle some other instruments (bass, guitar) as well. As if this was not enough, he also mastered certain techniques regarding sound engineering. This must be a money-consuming experience but Silvere was determined and went for it with a big package full of ambition. Actually, this way ambition led to the founding of his own project Armageddon. 

He brought out a first demo “Through The Endless Torments Of Hell” in 2000, engineered Lord’s second album “Hell’s Fucking Metal” three years later on. The Internet told me this was a great album – thx to the wonderful sound arranged with the highly appreciating help of Silvere Catteau! Bevcause of that, his name was quickly spread around and the man offered his well skilled techniques to a few other acts like Unholy War and Excruciate 666 with pleasure. Due to the collaboration with other bands, his own project Armageddon got a bit sidelined for several years until the summer of 2011 was coming. Silvere returned to Armageddon with new ideas and a burning ambition to create a full length album. 

Spending many hours in the recording studio making new songs all by Silvere. All bass, guitar, drum and malignant sounded, very aggressive vocal parts coming from the man himself, Armageddon’s new album “Necromantic Celebration” has been released through French label Emanes Records. First of all, I’d like to mention the fact this CD has such a great cover artwork done by a grandmaster called Joe Petagno, the man behind many Motörhead CD covers as well as he did for other bands like Angelcorpse, Diabolic, Krisiun, Pretty Maids, Vital Remains, The Black Dahlia Murder,… The outstanding and very artistic cover from Armageddon’s new output radiates a hellish, dark and evil character and that’s how I’d like to describe this way form of Metal also! 

Everything to do with 80s Metal is brought to you on “Necromantic Celebration”! My ears were pointed at the sound of diverse styles of Metal such as (and mainly) Black / Thrash Metal in the vein of early Kreator, Bathory, Merciless, Destruction and stuff – fans of old school Heavy Metal will be treated as well while the band bringing guitar riffs in a way it was decades ago. Pure technically, this album has nothing to offer but that was not intended, I suppose. Vocals are harsh, brutal, very aggressive – hellish, still fully embedded to the structure of a band like Armageddon. Usually, the rhythms are fast and wild except for a song called ‘Evil Inside Me’, tempo compelling and reminds me of Bathory’s “Hammerheart” period. It’s the longest song of the entire album and can be seen as a fave of mine. Last shot is a cover from German 80s act Running Wild and its Classic Heavy Metal anthem “Branded And Exiled”. Feels somewhat warily at certain moments but that has to do with so much aggression Armageddon plays it. A bold attempt but Armageddon cleared the job very well. 

Listening to “Necromantic Celebration”, I never had the feeling to be blown down. This is just a joyful piece of old school Metal music featuring classic riffs and hellish vocals. A solo project by a man called Silvere Catteau I’d like to show my respect for – all done by himself in good conditions, great job brother! 80s Metal maniacs should not hesitate to buy this effort – order at:  

My Points: 75 / 100 (Review by Stefan)