Metal To Infinity

I don’t know if Retroactive Records already released a compilation album in their time of being, but I have the feeling that this is the first one in their career for about 8 years. The label is getting more and more recognition as a standard for Christian Rock, and this indicates that the people behind Retroactive know exactly what they are aiming for.  Their passion for classic rock and hard rock music, including a religious message, achieved already much respect from congeners in this musical direction. 

Retroactive Records succeeded through the years to sign bands with the same ideas, and same passion for both music as religion and the 18 tracks on this compilation album include a lot of different styles, without blurring the original issues. We reviewed many of the bands that feature this compilation album, so people might ask, is this an interesting purchase?  Well, for some reasons it is.  If you are not familiar with bands like Faith Factor, Guardian, Titanic, Menchen …just to name a few, this is thé moment to get an idea what these terrific bands stand for.  If you want a good overview what the label released and what bands are on their roster, it’s almost a must have!  There are really interesting bands like Jacobs Dream (who released already three albums on Metal Blade Records) that bring on ‘All My Fears’ from their lately released album “Beneath The Shadows”. I also enjoyed the track ‘Immortal’ from the band Hero, which featured Michael Hero, who leads School Of Rock in Sweden, and Adiastasia was a real surprise with the track ‘Freedom Call’!   

A man like Robert Sweet from Stryper can be heard on Final Axe their song ‘Heads Will Roll’ and on the track ‘Heavy Laden’ by The Seventh Power.   And what to think about Rob Rock, who’s bringing ‘Lazarus Rising’ together with the band Fires Of Babylon!  Yes indeed, this compilation album has a lot to offer, even though you have already several albums from the mentioned bands in your personal collection. As there is more, than just an overview!  Due to its exclusive ‘single edits’, which means that the tracks consist of slight changes, altered playing time, extra instruments, or totally twisted arrangements.  As these edits are exclusive, it’s worth the money to buy this album as a collector’s item! 

Rating this album is difficult, and mostly the reason why we don’t rate compilation albums, as the variety is too big to get an overall score.  Let’s say that this is a really cool acquaintance with the label, the bands and the already released albums, but also a very good acquaintance with the edited songs.  All bands are above the average, so if I have to mention points out of 100, I guess that 86 to 90 would be really fair! 

Review by Patrick De Sloover