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Milwaukee Wisconsin based A Tortured Soul is back with a new album, this time released by Pure Steel Records from Germany who took the right decision to offer the band a contract because they really deserve it! We at Metal To Infinity webzine were heavily impressed by A Tortured Soul's debut effort “Kiss Of The Thorn”, released independently in 2007 – US Metal is what we like so the band fulfilled our hearts with joy and happiness! As much as the album meant for us, we were hoping on a follow up what happened in the meantime. Well, what to expect?

Maybe for some ATS is totally unfamiliar but those who read our review on the band's debut album know that we have to deal with a formation mainly influenced by good old Mercyful Fate and almighty King Diamond, especially the vocal use can be compared with this Danish master of evil. ATS singer Rick Black's approach with King Diamond is quite unbelievable – especially while using the high pitch notes in alternation with lowered, melancholic vocal lines... it leaves me breathless behind!

To compare “Kiss Of The Thorn” with the new album “Lucifer's Fate” - I truly prefer to go for the new one because of the big step forward the band took based on the musical moves and song structures. Lyrical contents still very dark minded, musically wise I'm often impressed while the band delivers so much variation playing awesome power chord rhythm sections including brilliant guitar solo I'd like to describe as shredding twin guitar tactics to the extreme. At regular moments, A Tortured Soul takes you on a trip through the valleys of Doom Metal as well as through US Power Metal - sometimes a little inclining to Thrash Metal is audible.

Hearing “Lucifer's Fate” several times by now – to be honest there are only great moments to enjoy. Old school US Power Metal maniacs definitely will have a great time with this way effort – again, if you like legendary King Diamond vocal delivery you will have a great time. But the band has a lot of more to offer to me, even the fact they mostly are compared with Fate / Diamond – to me ATS is more than just that. Some of the songs have a character that is completely created by the band themselves so forget about to compare with others here. It proves that ATS is strong enough to bring on their own ideas while making new songs.

The front cover of the album is as dark as the album sounds – sound quality no bad words to speak out for sure... this is a great and highly appreciated US Power Metal output for dark souls hooked on high vocals and powerful chords mainly – I just love it! Fans of old Judas Priest, Sanctuary, Medieval Steel, Steel Angel should check out A Tortured Soul right on at: www.myspace.com/atorturedsoulmusic

My Points: 97 / 100 (Review by Stefan)