Set up in 1981, German metallers Black Hawk debuted with the EP ''First Attack'' seven years later on. Since Black Hawk’s day one of existence – their mission was to bring Heavy Metal music to the world. I've experienced the 80s Metal scene myself and I cannot deny that Germany Heavy Metal ruled with an iron fist those days. To many awesome bands to mention, point is that the Metal movement In Germany is still hot these days but... If I can make a personal choice, I prefer the almighty 80s above the contemporary scene but that's my own judgement about it of course. 

Okay, first shot for Black Hawk in the late 80s, followed by a few other releases such as ''Five By Five'' and ''Back For Attack'' (both were demo recordings)… more works appeared  in 2005 (Twentyfive) and 2007 (Dragonride). Earliër this year (2008), Black Hawk was present on great sampler released by Karthago Records themselves called ''Metal Armada Of Karthago's Dragons''… BH's song was entitled 'Let Me Know' - great shot anyway! 

But it was time for something new and when long living, legendary Metal outfits come across the glowing horizons of steel to present their new stuff… we at MTI to stand ready to discuss it all with a burning passion for the precious Metal scene in general. Except for the song audible on Karthago's compilation, it was a long time ago that I've heard something from Black Hawk, I'm honest about that. Damn curious as I was concerning their new album ''The Invasion'', I'll start listen to the songs on the double.  

Back in the eighties, it was quite usual many bands started with a guitar solo – actually some kind of a 'warming up' awaiting the real stuff to follow. Black Hawk keep that tradition high, first shot 'The Landing' is a guitar solo with a running time of 42 seconds followed by 'Fire In The Night', a song that brings me straight ahead into a real good mood. Fast song, totally in the Classic Metal style – everything on board and nothing to complain, this feels good! 'Burning Fever' has the rhythms of Saxon's 'Denim and Leather' or Highway Chile's 'Headbangers' on board – once again bulls eye! Next one is a song that never will fade a way, it’s legendary – a truly classic one originally played by one of the biggest Rock bands in the world, Kiss! Probably, unnecessary to mention the title… anyway, Black Hawk surprises us all with 'Detroit Rock City'. Mid-tempo, fist pounding Metal track 'Rock And Roll Hell' still keeps the eighties alive and kicking! Screaming guitars - loud, wild and heavy bass and drum lines and a singer that reminds me every now and then of early Running Wild / Gravestone frontmen which are grateful references, isn't it!? 

Second part of the album starts with a fantastic instrumental 'Flight From Outerspace'… taking the fast lane, this one face the fact these guys are delivering the goods for all those into 80s Heavy Metal. Pure Rock and Roll mayhem with the track 'First Attack Pt.2' and more Heavy Metal satisfaction during the new version of 'Twilight Zone', 'Hellfire' and 'C.B.F.H.' (Cold Black Fighting Hand). They conclude in pure beauty with the track , actually new version of 'Eye Of The Hurricane'.  

One last time - this an excellent, brand new album for the old school. Black Hawk survived the test of time, they’re still alive and kicking and I hope they will stay with us for a very long time. True Heavy Metal never fade away, a must-have for all Gravestone, Running Wild, Stormwitch fans. Purchase via Karthago Records at:  MY POINTS: 90/100