Metal To Infinity

Well, this is something totally new for me, as this one manís project is partly interesting for musical adepts, but it goes much further as the brain of B.M.O. is a pure right winged individual who likes to stab around and judge about what is going on in the American society and beyond.  Judging might not be the correct term, as he is more into revealing what is going wrong in the U.S. This so called political insurrectionist is Sidney Allen Johnson, and a topic for his next album could be the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico by BPÖ 

Anyway, letís have a chat about the musical capacities of Babylon Mystery Orchestra.  If we have to pigeonhole, we would say that this is just straight forward hard rock, with no fringes, extras or eccentricities. So, we hear a lot of metal and hardrock day in and day out, what makes us believe that B.M.O. has nothing more to offer than 12 rocking songs of average quality.  And how about the vocal chords of Allen?  Well, most of the time, heís telling his story, and thatís rather strange also.  Heís quoting, also in the booklet of the cd, and although he might be right or telling the truth, I wonder if people are waiting to hear all that negative comment.  If you look around your own area, you will notice what is going wrong, but I personally havenít the urge to create a cd out of that.. If I buy an album, I buy it in first place to enjoy the music. Now, there is a feeling creeping which could make me dejected..  

The only advice that I can forward to all of you is try to listen to this output, and judge for yourself if itís delivering what was expected.. Ö Ö 

My rating: 70 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)