BACKLASH - 4 Song Demo USA



Metal To Infinity

Backlash is a four piece Metal band from Florida / USA. Well, I suppose you all know about my eternal support for US Metal bands! Itís pretty obvious I gave this formation all of my attention so I took time to get into this CD, containing four songs. The concept of the demo looks pretty professional although I had some troubles reading the band logo at first. But yes, I was right and this was the band I discovered at some time ago and this is the band I wanted to hear more about. 

Backlash delivers four great Heavy Metal songs in vein of bands like Wretch, Metal Church, even Armored Saint. This means you will hear hard hitting guitars and melodic riffs, awesome arrangements and songs that sound recognizable, yet they will hold all of your attention. Talking about the songs I need to say these guys know how to write a good Metal song. Every song is well built and breathes professionalism, maturity and a pure Metal attitude. Donít tell me these guys (including a female bass player) are new into our Metal scene!  

Danny, the vocalist, contains a typical voice for a Metal band! His vocal sound can be described as a mixture  between David Wayne (RIP), although not with such strong lungs, Bob Mitchell (Attacker, Alchemy X, Sleepy Hollow, Vyndykator), Colin Watson (Wretch) and Ronnie Monroe (Metal Church, Rottweiler). I suppose you know what I mean; a clear voice with a raw timbre or in other words; Metal pur sang! Often he makes a scream which sounds awesome but in my opinion they could be a bit stronger and louder. Nevertheless I really like what this man produces with his voice and he makes the band true, strong and powerful. 

Another strong point are the solos. Donít expect a new guitar hero but hey, this is an American so he knows how to pull the strings. After all these years in Metal Iím still wondering why Americans are so talented in playing Metal instruments, especially the guitars. I suppose I donít shock anybody if I say the quality of the songs can compete with the bands Iíve mentioned before. 

Backlash is ambitious and competent and although their style is so traditional Iím loving what I hear. No world shocking band but a dynamic and energetic formation that will easily steal your soul. Check these guys at :

MY POINTS : 83 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)