Metal To Infinity

I knew that Wisconsin, LaCrosse’s based act Battalion (formed in 1990) was a gain for the world op Christian Heavy Metal! Unfortunately I never had the chance adding their debut album called “Runaway” to my own Metal collection – shame on me but that’s the way it is. Anyone who is attracted to old school Metal music will be holding a wish list featuring stuff from the heart. Well, my own wish list is mainly fulfilled with loads of US Metal pearls in hope to find them on CD sooner or later. Thank God there are multiple record labels able to re-issue those Classic Metal treasures on compact disc, my deepest respect goes out to labels like for example Arkeyn Steel Records from Greece. CEO Kostas knows all about releasing awesome, mostly US Metal highlights – dream away while checking out THIS page.  

And so my search for Battalion’s “Runaway” album comes to an end. Arkeyn Steel Records just released the album with as bonus, a previously unreleased demo from 1995 plus live tracks as were played way back in 1992. Damn right, the whole package looks great and feels like heaven on earth while listen to all of the songs… brothers and sisters - this is a fantastic piece of US Christian Power Metal music! Completely remastered, stand tall for more than 76 minutes of full melodic American stuff with crystal clear vocals in the vein of Geoff Tate and highly appreciating song structures. Lyrics, never seen before images and full biography are there as well… I played the entire song list for several times up until now and am tempted to repeat this over and over again. It seems like I’m landed in a period where US Christian Metal rules my way of living. To keep this great feelings up high, recently I also played some other ‘similar to Battalion’ albums from Queensryche, Sacred Warrior, Lethal, Holy Soldier, Angelica, Mystic Force, Bloodgood, Barren Cross, Guardian, Malice, Heir Apparent, Recon, Oracle and stuff. All bands perfectly comparable with the mighty Battalion style! 

Actually, I’ve got not much more to ad here – Arkeyn Steel Record’s release of Battalion’s masterpiece “Runaway” is definitely a must-have for all defending maniacs of Classic US Metal with a Christian message and suffused with tons of nice melodic moves. This type of music might mean nothing to all nowadays metallers but I don’t care about that. Based on my own musical experiences, most important chapters in my life were the late 70s Hard Rock scene, the entire 80s Metal era and US Power Metal which started from the early 90s up to date… Listen to you own style of music and judge for yourself – to speak for my own, albums like Battalion’s “Runaway” means a lot to me – a great, reborn US Christian Metal classic! Order right HERE.  

My Points: 91 / 100 (Review by Stefan)