Metal To Infinity

Battalion from Switzerland received good reviews with their first album “The Fight From Metal”. The title wasn’t at all subtle but who cares about it anyway as a Metal fan. I know that Metal bashers adore this kind of titles to bash Metal even more! By the title of this second CD Battalion shows what they’re up to; being an underdog. This isn’t at all a wrong chosen album title because Battalion will never be able to become a mainstream band.  

Why? Well, just because Battalion isn’t at all an original band and you won’t discover anything new on this release. Should we? No, not at all because Battalion delivers what pure Metal fans want; 100% amusement! Battalion mixes Thrash with pure Heavy Metal and I suppose titles like “Thrash Maniacs” and “Headbangers” tells a lot about Battalion. 

This well produced CD contains one after another awesome Metal track, from the kind you’re obliged to bang your head! I can easily imagine Battalion is a fantastic live band and I’m sure German Metal heads are crazy about this band! The band uses plenty of clichés but if you should hear this one I suppose you wouldn’t care at all, just as I don’t give a fuck about it. This is more than an enjoyable album that fans of Exciter, Anthrax, Overkill, Artillery, (old) Angel Dust, Destructor but even fans of Accept to name one band will adore. Talking about Thrash Metal I suppose fans of the old time US and European band will like what they hear. Overall the album it is clear this is a European band! 

Battalion is a no-nonsense band who just want to please the Metal fans! The energy they use, the quality of those god damn riffs and those screaming guitar solos are making this record very addictive! It’s very difficult to name the best track, all are giving me the kick I am searching for.  

A song that doesn’t fit the row, but I adore the most, was the epic “Stalingrad”! What a mighty track…but as I’ve said before it is far different from the rest and it shows another face of the band! It convinces me how strong these musicians really are! At least it shows this band is capable of delivering big surprises in the future although I doubt, also when I hear “Interlude”, it should be released under the name of Battalion. I’m quite sure these guys have inspiration enough… 

Check these guys out at and don’t you doubt purchasing this one if head banging, crowd surfing and moshing is what you’re searching for! 

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)