Metal To Infinity

As true as it can be, Santiago located Battlerage started raising hell back in 2002. Ex-Steelrage drummer Francisco Vera had enough of his former band - with plans of setting up a new Heavy Metal project, he got in touch with guys from Afterlife and Dama Negra and rehearsed some tunes out which lead finally to the release of the first demo called "Metal Slaughter". All went quite well and also live gigs stood on the working list.  

Ex-Akramen axeman joined forces - and a while later second demo hit the streets as "Return Of The Axemen". The official start of Battlerage seemed very promising and in 2004 also their debut full length "Steel Supremacy" came out receiving positive response from fans - unfortunately, shit happened and all changed into a sort of "downhill" situation. Infested by several line-up changes, Battlerage struggled through hard times.  

It took a while before the sky brightened up above the Battlerage camp. Some new guys came in with good intentions and that was exactly what they were looking for. Musicians loaded with good ideas and driven to play Heavy Metal pure - in May 2006 a new output entitled "Battlefield Belongs To Me" breaks through the Metal horizons and the national metalheads were more than just satisfied with the final result of it. 

We all know that it's damn hard to put down your band's name on the international map of Heavy Metal. With all respect for the Chilean Metal scene which is not that big - conclusion: doubly difficult to find a worldwide distribution, right? Actually very pitiful for great bands hailing from there, but as for Battlerage, the final solution was in sight. Polish / Italian label named Metal On Metal took the ultimate decision and decided to deliver to the masses a re-issue of Battlerage's demos that were released in 2003. By this the band get what they deserve, recognition in both national and international fields of Metal.  

The band, as well as fans of True Heavy Metal, should be very grateful to MOM Records because an album like ''The Slaughter Returns'' is really good. A pleasure for all into True Classic Heavy Metal with a Epic feel. This new album contains two demos plus a few goodies - I am very pleased with an album like this. Vocal is pretty harsh or barbaric, tempo ranges from up-tempo to mid-paced. Battlerage can be considered as good, skilled musicians learning their lessons in "build up a song in the best possible conditions" very well - you should hear the way both of the guitar players are doing their duties. All classic Heavy Metal minded, old school maniacs better be prepared for these guys' six strings tactics.

Without problems, "The Slaughter Returns" should be placed in a category of releases so called "the mid-eighties" so I'd like to present this product as "a new album for the old school". Songs I would die for are: "Black Riders Of Destruction" (longest track but so beautifully arranged - awesome!), I won't forget to mention the cover from one of my favourite '80s gods, Omen. From their legendary "Battle Cry" album, Battlerage appears here in full glory with the song "The Axemen"! Better believe me when I say this is one of the best Omen covers ever recorded! More Metal peaks coming your way with songs like: "By Steel I Reign Supreme", "Metal Slaughter", "Blessed By The Axe" (bonus)... Better find out by yourself, which songs will conquer your Heavy Metal soul.  

Great production, magnificent cover art - many pages, thick booklet with history of the band, lyrics... I absolutely don't think something is lacking here. To me, a perfectly worked out re-release of a great Chilean band's two early demos. For fans of early Running Wild / Grave Digger / Omen / Attacker. Band info at: . To order, go to: .

My Points: 92 / 100 (Review by Stefan)