Metal To Infinity

Chilean Heavy Metal quintet is back with a brand new effort, the follow up to “The Slaughter Returns” which was my first touch with Battlerage actually – I was surprised all over with all the great things I’ve heard on it. Listening to a delicious Metal album each time makes me long to hear more in the future – as for Battlerage, I'm glad they're back with again a superb True Heavy / Power Metal output through Metal On Metal Records – entitled “Blood, Fire, Steel”… time to put on studs and leather – time to go out into some real heavy weather…  

First of all, I’d like to say something about the look of the whole packaging – as usual from Metal On Metal Records, this new album of Battlerage is once again a pleasure to look at – I mean, many pages, full coloured booklet featuring great images of the band members, lyrics and plenty of more information… also the inlay, the print on the CD and the amazing artwork on the front speaks to my imagination. That is what Metal On Metal Records is all about – breathing pure Metal stuff, each and every time served in a very professional way!  

Okay, “Blood, Fire, Steel” contains eight new tracks and it nearly blew me away the first time I listened to the entire album. I have to mention that some guys left the ranks – we still recognize vocalist Fox-Lin Torres and drummer Francisco Vera from former albums, but I see two new axe grinders’ who’ve joined the band. Daniel Román and Luis Arenas are their names – please make a note of them because they’re able to rip your guts apart by shredding! You probably are wondering what about the bass works on this new album – well, a guy named Nicolas Arce offered the band a helping hand while recording the album.  

First song ‘The Devil’s Wings Bring Fire From Hell’ starts with a dirty riff reminiscent of Armored Saint’s ‘Reign Of Fire’ to me. Only the start reminds me of AS, what follows is Battlerage in real good shape. A lot of power and energy they put into their music – rough type of singer sounds very good. A Classic Heavy Metal guitar riff opens the second song ‘Die By The Power Of The Axe’ in a brilliant way – whipping rhythms make me bang my head spontaneously. In this song, Battlerage uses also a few less rough vocal lines – more clean and yeah, the combination seems to work out perfectly. More kicking powers are to be heard on ‘Battlefield Belongs To Me’ and ‘The Blind Dead’ has a lower tempo on board but still sounds awesome. Every now and then guitars take a more US Metal direction and sure, you won’t hear me complain about that! Sometimes singer Fox-Lin Torres reminds me of Mille from Kreator in his ‘nowadays’ style.  

To come back on the new guitar players – as soon as these guys start to fight each other in breathtaking duels, you’ll be surprised for sure. Both guitarists are top notch to me – in full Metal gear they provide my ears with magnificent guitar artworks! I mentioned before the name of Mille from Kreator, right? Well, take a good listen to the song ‘Black Hordes, Arise!’ – starting in a thrashing manner… this one is the most powerful/fast one of the entire album – I barely survived it, technically strong as shining steel – SUPERB! Metal artwork specialist and one of the leading forces behind Metal On Metal Records, Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi, can be heard in the very beginning of ‘Wine Of The Wicked’ (intro narration) which is another killer Heavy Metal work for maniacs pure, just like the next song ‘Warmachine’. Last track ‘True Metal Victory’ is a True Heavy Metal hymn! More than twelve minutes long masterpiece influenced by giants as Manowar, Running Wild, Grave Digger, Manilla Road. Halfway gone and you’ll be the witness of a beautiful break – a bit later on the song is back for real and brings on some more delicious Metal forces including excellent vocals and damn great axe tactics… until we reach the end of “Blood, Fire, Steel”.  

Be sure I really had a great time listening to Battlerage’s new output – I was a fan since their previous album “The Slaughter Returns” and I won’t change my mind about that. They look very Metal and they sound very Metal – keep that in mind. A band that surely stole my Metal heart! Order possibilities via: Starting from there, you will find many other awesome Metal bands which released their stuff on this label too. Good advice: watch out in the near future – there are some more albums to be released soon – you’ve been warned!

My Points: 94 / 100 (Review by Stefan)