Metal To Infinity

This year (2011) Metal On Metal Records spoiled us with loads of great albums, the last 2 being of the recently added to their roster German old school Black / Thrash Metal band Outrage and of Chilean Battlerage delivering True Metal in its purest form. I wrote the review of Outrage a few days ago, now it’s time to talk about the third and new album from Battlerage.

Their former efforts, “The Slaughter Returns” and “Blood, Fire, Steel” have already showed what these guys are capable of. Since day one of existence, Battlerage defend their own ground of True Heavy Metal with a mighty force. As some people say: Live And Die For Metal – I’m sure that the guys in this band know the real essence of it. Wake up and go to sleep with Metal music, I can also testify – it’s just a way of living, once you’re in you won’t come out!

Compared to their previous works, this new album “True Metal Victory” can be described as the best Battlerage work so far. Singer Fox-Lin Torres’ vocal talent and delivery still does remind me of Grave Digger’s Chris Boltendahl - raw / barbarian-esque way of singing, that we know from the band’s older songs, but on the new album he takes his own skills to a higher level. At times, I hear Mr. Torres using his voice in a cleaner way and he succeeds in this very well. Sounds good and brings some more alternation to the entire concept. I have lots of admiration for shred guitar attacks and have to admit that Battlerage’s axemen have managed to give me a very pleasant surprise. Fat and melodic, technical guitar works and strong vocals, surrounded by thundering bass and drum lines… this is really a True Metal Victory!

Pump the volume to the maximum and start playing excellent tracks like the fast ‘Return Of The Axeman’, fist pounding ‘Raw Metal’, dragging and shredding ‘Black Sunday’, doomy ‘Stygia’ and last one ‘Warlock’s Epitaph’, a superb Epic / True Metal killer song, my personal favorite. The vocals on this track change constantly, which underlines the fact that the band's frontman has made a big progress.

The debut of Battlerage was a good and pure Metal product, but the follow up showed serious progress – and now, their third output is out and the band seems to be fully unleashed… stronger and more technically skilled than ever before. True Epic / True Heavy Metal fanatics are urged to buy “True Metal Victory”. Show that you’re worthy to bear this name.
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My Points: 88 / 100
(Review by Stefan)