Metal To Infinity

Progressive Metal stays popular, also to me! Nevertheless it isn’t that easy to find bands in this genre who can keep on pleasing me during an entire CD. Especially when such a band decides to write a concept album they’re making it very difficult for themselves...and me.  The major problem is that in a concept album the listener needs to be sucked into the story or even better; imaginary he has to be a part of the chronicle, of the tale that has been told. As I’ve told before that’s the major problem to lots of bands but perfection exists or what do you think “Operation: Mindcrime” is all about?

Is Before Eden able to bring me in this kind of magical mood? No, let’s be honest they’re not.. if we talk about the concept; yes they are if we talk pure musical wise. These Brazilians are very strong musicians and the arrangements are from a very high level, even better than lots of other things I've heard the last time. Nevertheless I miss connections in and between the songs, a red line in the story. I also miss a few recognizable tracks that keep on playing in my mind, not that this is always necessary but it would make it lot easier to get connected with the record. On the other hand, if we talk Progressive Metal, I hear a band that astonished me more than once. Before Eden can easily hook up with bigger names in the genre; Symphony X, Beyond Twilight, Fates Warning…if we talk about the compositions. Thanks to vocalist Jaison Peiker, whose voice is often reminding me to the almighty Ronnie James Dio (RIP), the band has trumps to become an important formation in this genre. I know, also this style in Metal is meanwhile oversaturated but there are highlights between the new generation and Before Eden is for sure one of them…or could become one of them.

The first ten songs of this album belongs to ‘the concept’ and can be considered as first class Progressive Metal with powerful and technical played riffs, fast fingered leads, sophisticated drum parts, great vocal lines… The keyboards are subtle used and these musicians found the secret key to weave emotions into their music although I’m convinced more can be explored in the future. It's not always that easy to get in to so this release will take lot of your time, but that's after all a brand of the genre. The thing is that the listener isn’t aware of the concept ‘an sich’ and maybe it was a bad choice to start with a concept CD. The bonus tracks stays on the same high level, are maybe even more experimental and they fit the band perfectly. The band needs more explosions, needs to get the listener more often to the throat or leave him cold shivering behind! The fact is that they're often so close to it...

For a debut album I've heard as a matter of fact dazing and astounding things but I’m sure the band needs to grow even more. I'm absolutely sure these musicians are so strong to write an album that will blow us all away in the future, as for example Darkology, Vougan or Outworld did before. Although that seems almost an almost impossible job to do I'm convinced about Before Eden, if you would listen to a song like "Nova" or "Reality" you should understand why. I took my time for this one, listened to “The legacy of Gaia” many times but it didn’t really change my first thoughts. A band to keep your eyes on in the future, a powerful debut but much more is possible!

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)