Metal To Infinity

Hey I'm really elated writing down my thoughts on a great solo musician named Ben Kuzay… he’s American and started his musical journey at the young age of 13. Since a few decades, blood runs through my veins furiously as soon as I hear a guitarist starts to shred. Throughout the years, I built up a great CD collection of top-notch axemen from all over the world. All solo albums by guys delivering incredible guitar tactics but with an album like “Perpetual Reign” from Ben Kuzay, the cards to lie differently – what I’d like to tell you is that this guy works himself into the spotlights not by offering guitar tricks… Ben will left you speechless behind with a phenomenal way off bass guitar playing instead! 

We all can discuss the fact there are numerous great bass guitarists to mention such as Cliff Burton, Joey DeMaio, Steve Harris, John Petrucci,… but as far as I know these guys never brought out a solo album before (if I'm wrong, let me know please). So I consider Ben Kuzay as the first one creating an instrumental album with bass tactics in a leading role! In normal ways it’s a particular electric guitar shredder that reigns on most of the instrumental efforts you know. 

Ben Kuzay produced “Perpetual Reign” himself, Joel Wanasek (who plays a guitar solo in a song called ‘Ascension’) was in charged taking control of all engineering, mixing and mastering duties. This is Ben’s second effort, acting like a real bass virtuoso – he also can stand his own ground playing excellent guitar, tambourine and keyboard too. I'm sure you will be surprised from all the gifted works he brings to your ears. As each and every world class musician, also Ben is able to lay down a lot of emotion or passion while playing which feels good.  

First song on the CD is ‘Vortex’ – bass guitar shredding all over! Do you had ever try to think there is a better bassist than Joey DeMaio (Manowar) walking around on planet earth? I insist to check out the bass parts on this track. ‘On Top Of The World’ brings on great Metal guitar riffs in combination with outstanding bass tactics. The title track speaks to my imagination anyway… a real fight going on between amazing guitar tactics and overwhelming bass duties. Over the top technical played... be sure this means axe crazy! 

But there is more that leaves me behind totally breathless – the song entitled ‘Ascension’ for example is one of the fastest tracks on the list and is my favourite without a doubt. So pure and so full of technical details to detect… brilliant! Oh my goodness – last one ‘Murdering Angels (Just For Fun)’ brings on speed up rhythms and quite a lot, good sounding and full of emotion keyboard passages, nice guitar lines and of course an outstanding demonstration how to use a bass guitar like it should be. You have to be a natural born bass player offering shred tactics in a way Ben Kuzay does! Another magnificent ‘last’ song! 

“Perpetual Reigns” is an output for people who are able to show a lot of admiration for ‘shred tactics’ in the first place. Not one singing note is audible so you have to concentrate yourself on the music only. “Perpetual Reign” is album an absolutely recommendable product for instrumental crazy maniacs hooked on extremely well done, quite irresistible bass moves mainly… be aware that also the rest of the present instruments will be delivered in a very attractive manner. 

Second album by a very gifted musician who has brought me many moments of intense joy and happiness… musicians come along in a shredding way, be sure I'm in! Watch out for Ben Kuzay at:  

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by Stefan)