Metal To Infinity

Argentina has more to offer than good football players. Beto Vazquez is an Argentinean musician that surprised us in 2002 with his first album. Especially the presence of Tarja Turunen (ex Nightwish) was glorious on that release. I still pity the fact she left Nightwish because she is and will be forever the ‘voice’ of this band. Ever since she left the band I lost my interest for it. Also her appearance on Beto Vazquez’s debut album was mind blowing. “Until Dawn” and “The Battle Of The Past” are songs that will keep on playing in my mind until I’ll take my very last breath! 

Meanwhile Beto Vazquez released the disappointing “Flying Towards The New Horizon”. For some reason I never got into this CD, maybe I was expecting too much. “Darkmind” was officially released in 2008 and it’s thanks to the fact Ice Warrior Records / Rock It Up Records decided to re-release it I received it to make a review. After a few spins I’m convinced it was a good idea to release this one again. This album reminds me to the debut; the same special atmosphere of the debut album returned. This is once more the kind of Epic modern Power and Fantasy Metal I was longing for. 

The angelic voices are back and Beto Vazquez performed some outstanding ‘soul touching’ tracks on this release. You will discover beauty in every track, Beto Vazquez is classical schooled and his back ground is obvious in every note on “Darkmind”. The combination of bombastic keyboards and those female vocals, played on fantastic technical guitar driven arrangements, are just fantastic. Add first class shredding guitar solos and you’ll have the idea what I am talking about. More than once you’ll be dreaming away because of the soft female voices, performed on those emotional arrangements. 

Plenty of guest musicians are present here. Vision Divine, Skylark, Stream Of Passion and Heaven Falls, to name a few, delivered some of their disciples to play along with Beto Vazquez. I think these bands are as a matter of fact good examples for what you can expect from Beto Vazquez’s music. Okay, it might sound mellow and cheesy at some points but this remains first class melodic Power Metal. This female fronted kind of music (with Sandra Schleret, Sabrina Carrion, Manda Ophius to name a few) is seducing and will calm you down, no matter how stressed you are or will ever be! Especially on the calm and peaceful arrangements the listener will maintain some cold shivers! “Sleeping in the shadows’ and “Close Your Eyes” for example are ballads that picture perfectly what I am trying to explain. Tracks like “Follow The Moonlight”, “From Your Heart” and “Mystic” are more the kind of songs I adore. 

It shouldn’t be fair to compare “Darkmind” constantly with the debut album because of the fact Tarja Turunen makes the difference. Her voice is Godlike and no woman on earth can hook up with her. Anyhow, if you have ever heard the first album you can easily imagine how “Darkmind” musical wise sounds. Imagine the quality of the first release without the tracks Tarja is singing on and you know what I am talking about. Also on this release I hear awesome and beautiful female voices. I'm quite sure fans of this kind of Metal will adore “Darkmind”. Beto Vazquez is after all a fantastic composer and his project is worth checking it out. 

I can say this is a very good release and it even contains two great bonus tracks, including the Spanish version of “The Tunnel Of The Souls”. I’ve heard great tracks, created and composed in a good mood. This is the softer side of Heavy Metal and this music is ready to be discovered by a bigger crowd. I’m sure even non-Metal fans will bow their heads for what Beto Vazquez did on this CD. Check to purchase this one. 

My Points: 84 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)