Metal To Infinity

Beto Vazquez Infinity is a band I am following since a very long time. You see, I have always been a big fan of Tarja Turunen, the former singer of Nightwish although I realize she doesn’t need any introduction. A few albums before she made part of this, let me call it, project and she really blew me away with her performances. The music, written by the Argentine guitar player Beto Vazquez was fantastic, Tarja’s voice Godlike. But the story ended there and I’ve read it was far too difficult for the best soprano Metal vocalist on earth to further lean her voice to this music. That must have been a big disappointment for Beto Vazquez but the man didn’t really gave up. 

The project continued and so I can represent you his newest album, released by Ice Warrior Records which is a division company of Rock It Up Records.  The concept is still the same and although Beto Vazquez has his own band he also searches for worldwide musicians and vocalists to join him on his releases. This ain’t exactly a Metal opera, but at least it’s a concept CD, part I. This time musicians like Alfred Romero and Enrik Garcia (Dark Moor), Jacob Hansen (Anubis Gate) and plenty of others are showing their talents to this musical project. Several songs have female voices although they can’t hook up with for example Tarja Turunen, Sabine Edelsbacher or Candice Night who appeared on his albums before.  

The result is that one after another qualitative played song is heading your way. If you’re into technical played first class Power Metal this record will satisfy you from the beginning until the end. Spectacular guitar riffs and solos, amazing drum parts, fast fingered keyboard parts…all are foreseen. And the vocal performances are outstanding or what did you expect? Some samples and spoken voices are mixed in the songs and that doesn’t miss its effect. Is it original? No. Is it good? Yes! 

Musical wise this album is not always that easy to label but let me try to describe it as some kind of mixture between neo-classical Heavy Metal and European oriented Power Metal. The music is pretty enlightening and although tracks like “The Temple” and “Dark Night” might sound dark the music isn’t. This is modern Heavy Metal, respecting their roots but it goes all the time far beyond. A Progressive touch is obvious with all these schooled and experienced musicians but that makes my respect only bigger.  

Meanwhile Beto Vazquez has formed a true band around him and it’s about time to hit the road and tour! Nowadays live performances are necessary to keep the head above the dark water and I’m quite sure this band is no exception on that rule. I have no idea how popular this band really is worldwide but the Avantasia projects for example were extremely wanted so…. 

This is another good album of Beto Vazquez and fans from the first hour can buy it blindfolded. People who are ignorant about it yet like modern Power Metal like Rhapsody Of Fire, Avantasia etc. mixed with a slice of Progressive and Neo-classical ingredients should try this one out.  

My Points: 81 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)