Metal To Infinity

This looks obscure, this is obscure! What a strange front cover from a band I have never ever heard about. I was expecting old sounding Seventies or Eighties Metal and it seems I was right about this one. It wasn’t that difficult to find out this is / was a very old and odd band because it took only a short look to the band’s pictures to find this out. What made me wonder is the fact this is an Italian band and to be honest I don’t know that much Italian bands from the Eighties…  

The first spin gives me everything I was expecting but that’s not in particular bad news. I like this kind of obscure releases from which the listener should aware that the production is far from perfect. I’ve read the original LP was released in 1985 and although there were better production possibilities in that era I doubt this release should have sound better. This sickening production is just the strength of this album, strange but true! This old kind of bizarre Heavy Metal always contains a very dark atmosphere and especially True Metal fanatics from the very first hour will be crazy about it, even worship it.  

This trio knew how to create a mysterious, even a bit a psychedelic captivating, sound! Listening to this release gives me a captivating feeling, just like I am in some old horror movie. The band knew how important samples were to create this kind of mood, remarkable! This music is demonic, even written by a sick and dark master brain but God damned, it’s so well performed!  

The way these recordings were produced breathes everything from the ancient Heavy Metal scène. Fans of bands like the very old Black Sabbath (of course), Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol and ominous NWOBHM bands will probably be fond of this one. Imagine anyway that kind of production for typical Seventies and early Eighties Metal with very much Doom Metal ingredients weaved in it.  

The leading bass guitar, the pipe organs (keyboards), the vocal lines, the way the guitar solos are performed are remarkable but even more extraordinary is the fact that this band wrote pretty good songs. Every track has its own dark secrets and for some reason they bring the listener under some kind of spell. The tracks sucks the listener into their stories and makes you envision all things from out of the underworld… This if frightening! 

Youngsters amongst us who are addicted to modern sounding Metal should stay far away from this one but if you’re into cult Eighties Heavy / Doom Metal you will have no troubles spending your bucks on this one. I respect the fact a label dares to (re-)release such an album. An album to listen to every time a storm is pronounced…

My Points: 87 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)