Metal To Infinity

Iím starting to believe Doom and obscure Seventies Metal is becoming a brand for Italy. Is it? I shouldnít know because Italy has always been a strange land when we talk Metal. The country contains first class bands but every time Iím on holidays in this beautiful Ė yet exaggerated expensive Ė country I seldom see Metal heads. Are they hiding their selves or am I always on the bad place on a bad time? I donít know.  

Whatís more remarkable is the fact that the last few weeks I received especially this kind of sounding bands. The label has a lot to do with it and although this isnít always my kind of music I respect the fact the label dares to swim against the stream. While most labels are looking for modern sounding Metal bands to sell out Black Widow searches for a totally different public. I doubt they will reach plenty of youngsters and will ever get rich but the oldest Metal heads amongst us most live wonderful days because of it. 

Blackland is another psychedelic band with a typical Seventies Hard Rock / early Eighties Metal sound. The songs fits perfectly in this description and by adding special sounds in the back Blackland offers that psychedelic atmosphere into their songs. I suppose some LSD or whatever, along with this kind of music, will bring the listener to higher spheres and other dimensions. If youíre totally into this music I suppose you donít even need the drugs and itís better that way.  

Fans of old Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, Iron Butterfly, Black Sabbath, The Who and even Jimmy Hendrix will like what they hear will listening to this one. Not at all some originality and this kind of music is at least forty years old but still it is enjoyable. Check them out at  

My Points: 75 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)