Metal To Infinity

Since a decade, we can easily say that we enjoyed the metal releases from Black Majesty, hailing from Australia. The band originally started as Kymera, but didn’t succeed to record anything during that period. After their first line-up problems they changed their name into Black Majesty, which was the first big leap forward in the career of the band.

In 2003, the band released their debut album ‘Sands Of Time’, followed by a record deal with Limb Music from Germany. Once the album was available in Europe, Black Majesty found themselves amongst the top newcomers of the year. The album smashed Europe like a hammer, and the path to success was revealed! Years went by, and the band released a new album almost every two years. ‘Silent Company’, ‘Tomorrowland’ and ‘In Your Honour’ are all masterpieces, so expectations for the new output are really exciting for band and label and fans!

Stargazer’ is the name of this fifth Black Majesty album, and fans of the band will be thrilled about the quality and structures of the new songs! This is the next move in their career and perhaps they already noticed some twinkling stars in the near future, which is a suitable explanation why this album is called Stargazer. This band is aiming high, and it reflects in everything what this new release is about. The front cover artwork is done by Dirk Illing, known from e.g. The Scorpions, Eldritch, Paragon, Running Wild, Axel Rudi Pell, and of course the previous Black Majesty releases. Production of “Stargazer” is really outstanding as it fits perfectly to the style and direction of the songs. It’s bombastic, but not too, it’s heavy and wild, but all in well dosed proportions, it’s melodic and sensitive, but never apathetical. Shortly said: this is what a good modern power metal band needs and breathes!

All songs have an own twist, and in several occasions, you expect a power eruption, but you will be put on the wrong foot. Some songs start really slow, but will end as an album highlight, others will make an impressive statement on the subject of melodic power metal that you won’t slightly forget. Black Majesty brings their metal with a lot of bombast, but stands out of the common power metal bands. They always add a little extra to create an interesting point of view for the listeners. From opener ‘Falling’, you will have to undergo several outrageous metal anthems to get to the pearl of this album: ‘Symphony Of Death’! Listen carefully how this song is erupting to the Black Majesty anthem of Stargazer! The crystal clear mix by Roland Grapow (Masterplan) is an insurmountable key to success! The guitars of Hanny Mohamed and Steve Janevski are dueling all the time and the vocals of John Cavaliere lift the songs to the highest reachable level.

This is a new way of Power Metal, this is a must have for everybody that claim to be a righteous melodic power fan, with no exception! Finally, I want to say a little more about the 10th. track, which is the bonus song of the album. European fans will get “Shine”, while Japan will be able to listen to “Lycan” and the Aussies get “Ariel”. It’s a good move of Limb Music to work this way, as the search for the other tracks is open from July 2012! I don’t know how ‘Lycan’ nor ‘Ariel’ sound, but the European bonus ‘Shine’ is worth to be mentioned. This bonus is a rock ballad of its purest form! It’s a romantic and sensitive track that has a restrained anger, and we advise to listen a few times to this masterpiece! Black Majesty released their best album to date, and will end up high in my personal top 10 of 2012! They better prepare for their next step in their career, as I presume that they will tour intense all over the globe and thousands of people will raise their fist to shout it out loud!

My rating: 92 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)