Metal To Infinity

This is a totally new band, but it will only be a matter of time before they will change their status into ‘wéll-known’ metal act!  Black Thoughts Bleeding released their debut album on Silverwolf Productions after the EP ‘Tragedy Of Evolution’.  Surprisingly short after their first live show, as this band is only together since a few years! 

Quality always floats, and that’s exactly what Black Thoughts Bleeding is delivering: Quality metal with a wink of an eye to modern metal, thrash and hardcore melting together into a wrathful and simultaneously melodic massif.  

Opener ‘Bloodred Struggle’ is more into the hardcore approach like Neaera and Heaven Shall Burn, but with the addition of a modern touch, you will hear a melodic chorus line that lifts this song to a higher level.  The heaviness and great riffing that opens ‘My Past, Your Fault’ is bursting out into a sing along chorus line that will have good effect during live gigs!

We increase speed with the next song ‘Beloved Vampire’, which has a Scandinavian approach like In Flames, Soilwork etc…   Black Thoughts Bleeding proves that they can handle it all!  This young band has the power and vision to create great songs that take you on a musical trip of  40 minutes! If they focus on writing great compositions, I’m sure that we will hear a lot more from these Germans.   

My rating: 86 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)