Metal To Infinity

A band from Indonesia? It must be the very first time I receive something from out there. Metal became a worldwide movement and we shouldn’t be wondered anymore if we hear a band from one or another exotic country. I am asking myself how the scène really is in those countries, I can hardly imagine it.  

Nevertheless Blodwen is a band that is mainly influenced by those Gothic Metal bands that ruled our scène a few years ago. The ultimate formation in this style is still Nightwish but without Tarja also they became something I can compare with a pub without beers… Meanwhile the success of this kind of music waned somewhat and only the biggest bands stayed alive. 

At YouTube there are several clips available with this girl, Bernice ‘B’ Nikki, covering her idols behind her PC. Not bad, not bad at all and it’s clear this youngster has talent… Blodwen is in general a band with possibilities but they must strike harder to be convincible. The vocals are pretty but they can’t please me all the time! Although Bernice ‘B’ Nikki has a sweet voice she isn’t able to warm me up during the entire CD. Some angelic vocal lines sounds awesome but overall I am not satisfied at all. The band has good ideas but isn’t at all original. I can’t believe they aren’t local musical ingredients that the band could use to sound more original. Here they’re not able to add something special to their music and Blodwen sounds as a European band from Indonesia.  

Often the songs remind me of what I’ve heard on Beto Vazquez Infinity’s self entitled album. Anyway there is a difference between Tarja Turunen, Sabina Edelsbacher and Candice Night and Bernice ‘B’ Nikki . Nevertheless “Cry out to me” is a song that reaches a good quality level. It’s a ballad and this track contains good guitar solos. Also on “Flower Song”, another ballad this girl proves she contains a good voice but for some reasons she can’t convince me on the heavier tracks although “Night – Black Symphony” sounds better.   

The production isn’t always professional produced and mixed. At some points there’s noise at the end of the songs and the tracks often stops at once instead of slowly fading away. The guitars on this one are enjoyable, that’s a fact! Melodic Heavy Metal in vein of Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius etc. must be mainly important for guitar player Alexander Lexy. Also the fans of neo-classical Metal and European Power Metal should therefore give this one a chance. 

So, let’s conclude this is an ‘middle-of-the-road’ album to me. The exotic origin of the band nor the pretty face of this front woman are reasons to rate this one any higher. Only fans of bands I’ve mentioned before should try it out and I’m quite sure some of them will even purchase this one. Try the band out at  

My Points: 75 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)