Metal To Infinity

Bloodshed Walhalla is an Italian one man project created by Drakhen in 2006, who is a very talented multi-instrumental musician, where he plays all instruments and sings all the songs.”The Legends Of A Viking” was a demo from 2010 and is now a full lenght album brought to us by the Fog Foundation label and was released on may 25th 2011.  

The album only has 6 songs on it, but most of the songs do have a longer time span due to they all songs start with and intro. The first song is ‘Son Of The War’ which was also brought out as a single. Than we have ‘Where's My God’ which starts with an acoustic guitar. Pure Metal songs with folk based melodies. The lyrics tell the story of Thor, a Viking warrior God, but it also depicts other subjects of that time such as Nordic history, Vicking mythology, war, battles and deaths. Such as ‘Warriors Of The Northen’ and the 11'46" during song ‘Legends Will Sing Through The Wind’. Even though Drakhen's voice is perfect for the songs, it does become boring at times, especially with the longer songs. ‘Born In Fire’ is the shortest song on the album with a lenght of 5'36"... actually the most heaviest work of all followed by the longest track called ‘Eternal Wind’ (running time: 12'24"). 

Bloodshed Walhalla refers himself to Bathory. The songs are at times just a tad too long which makes them become boring after a while. The singing is not always perfect but if you're a fan of Viking/battle Metal, just take a listen to “Legends Of A Viking” and judge for yourself.  

My rating: 69 / 100 (Review by Metalandy)