Metal To Infinity

Recently I wrote the review for the debut album “Show No Mercy” from Bride, one of the leading forces in US White Metal! Well, I think it’s time to pen down my thoughts on Bride second effort called “Live To Die”, originally released back in 1988. Re-released by Retroactive records under the topic “The Originals: Disc Two”, collectors of Classic Heavy Metal definitely know how extremely good this album really is. 

Founders / brothers Dale and Troy Thompson prove once again what they have in their margins and that’s a lot. Dale, the singer in Bride showcases the very best in high pitch vocals on the debut effort “Show No Mercy” – I heard the follow up “Live To Die” for several times now and have to admit that the vocal lines are even better. By moments, Dale offers exceptional high pitched vocals and I'm very lucky with this way of singing. Concerning his brother Troy, the guitarist in the band – well, it must be in the genes of the family Thompson because he also is an outstanding musician. His way of delivering all those nice Classic Metal riffings makes me feel good! Surrounded by second and lead guitarist named Steve Osborne, all sounds just awesome. Pure as can be, technical to the bone – as a fan of shred guitars I can only be a very satisfied person! I witnessed a new bassist in the band called Frank Partipillo who replaced Scott Hall. The highly skilled drums come from Stephan Rolland. 

To what I’ve hear on “Live To Die” I can start to mention that the sound quality is about equal to the sound of former album “Show No Mercy”. Works with a production that sounds too modern make me not that pleased – just give me a decent sound quality without compromises and that’s it. To give an example, check out the re-releases from Bride and make up your own mind. 

“Live To Die” contains 9 tracks with a pure US Metal identity. Be ready for a lethal dose of Classic Heavy and Power Metal – Speed or even Thrash Metal addicts have to check out the album for sure. Expect not a Bay Area style of Speed / Thrash Metal... Bride rather holds it some kind of unique and does it all in a brilliant manner. To start, Bride comes along with the song ‘Metal Might’. Just read the title and you what to expect. Next ‘Hell No’ offers a ‘scream it out loud’ kinda chorus and nice guitar lines. Both easy and hard hitting moments are the elements to expect on ‘In The Dark’, magnificent vocals and technical guitar riffs / solo’s. A bit in the same line as his predecessor comes the track ‘Out For Blood’ and it’s time to turn on the power and speed with the title song. Watch out for Dale’s extremely high vocals – superb!! ‘Fire And Brimstone’ is one of my personal faves, thrashy masterpiece played with an endless form of talented skills. There are more speed velocities on the way people – I'm sure you must be gasping for air while playing ‘Here Comes The Bride’. Last song is another favourite track of mine, it’s the last one entitled “Heroes”. A great Metal hymn – a superb epic one about good and evil… long story short, this is classic one for sure. Focussed on every single detail throughout this track, all sounds just amazing no matter which elements you prefer to hear. I’d like to say: play “Heroes” and forget about complaining neighbours, right! 

I prefer Bride’s second album “Live To Die” a little bit above former and debut  effort “Show No Mercy” because of a few minor and personal reasons. The difference between both is basically minimal and in fact negligible. First two Bride reviews worked out so far and I'm pleased all over with such great works. Must have for all those hooked on the almighty forces of US Classic Metal! Order at:

My Points: 95 / 100 (Review by Stefan)