Metal To Infinity

The last few days I kept myself busy writing down my thoughts of the first two albums from American White Metal band Bride re-released through Retroactive Records, the ultimate label who gives some kind of a second birth to great works from the past. So, “Show No Mercy” and “Live To Die” have already been developed and I can't wait any longer to share my thoughts on the third output originally released by the almighty Bride formation back in 1989 (Pure Steel Records).   

I've always thought that “Silence Is Madness” was Bride's best album ever released but after listening to their two previous albums, I tend to devise this assessment. Don't get me wrong people – this is a very good album where Heavy Metal still reigns supreme but some of the songs lost a bit of its Metal content compared with works from Bride's debut and second album to be precise. It felt like the brothers Thompson and the rest of the guys were looking forward to change the musical direction here and there - something not that heavy than we used to hear from them? One thing was certain... there was a change coming! Good example to clear up that standpoint are songs like 'Hot Down South' or 'Rock Those Blues Away'. More bluesy Hard Rock than Metal influences were present, it's not that I dislike good old Hard Rock but as for a band like Bride, it's unexpected!

The early nineties came on and true fact was that Bride musically began to change their style of music. As years passed by, Bride decided to play more Melodic Rock, later on even Alternative / Nu Metal songs were recorded and I wasn't happy with that at all. Agree, each band have the right to choose their own future sound – in the case of Bride, I still can't understand why actually. A new musical era for the band became reality, throughout the 90s, Bride released several albums that couldn't please me at all. Thank God, the album “Skin For Skin” came out in 2006 through Retroactive Records and since more than a decade, I had the feeling Bride was back with a good album featuring decent Hard Rock songs with some kind of a Classic attitude. If I can consider this effort as the ultimate Bride comeback is another question. They could please me in some ways since a very long time but they didn't sound like I used to know from the first three albums. Late October 2009 Bride brought out a new piece called “Tsar Bomba”, an album featuring songs with a wide musical range – unfortunately for myself, a pure Metal character was missing. There is a whole lotta story to tell on Bride's history background but before leaving, I'd like to return to my overview of their third output entitled “Silence Is Madness”...

As mentioned before, there is a little bit of Metal content audible but please make notice of the fact songs like 'Fool Me Once' or 'Under The Influence' still falling under the category of in-your-face US Classic Heavy Metal. Great vocals and brilliant guitar tactics deliver nothing but pleasant moments and I don't even speak about bass and drumlines... without them, Bride won't be complete at all! Nice and dark minded, sinister song writings captives your attention on tracks like: 'Think Evil' and 'the classic one 'All Hallows Eve'. Especially this last mention one I really like!

“Silence Of Madness” from Bride is a very difficult product to find these days, at least when you're looking for the original which is out of print. Retroactice Records offers you a fair opportunity to catch and re-experience all of the songs – remastered with liner notes from the master / original founder himself named Troy Thompson. First three albums from Bride re-released by Retroactive Records and available on CD as “Silence Is Madness – The Originals: Disc Three” still belongs to one of my own favourite Christian US Metal albums ever. Order at:  You won’t regret at all!

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)