Metal To Infinity

Well, whatever you think about me; I dare to say I have some knowledge about Heavy Metal. Not that I contain all ‘know-how’ neither am I able to discuss about every genre. Otherwise I am a big fan of the genre since the early eighties. I have heard tons of bands and I listen to multiple genres, trying to stay open minded in this wide ranged music style. On the other hand I admit that I hardly listen to other music than Metal. The reason I’m saying this is because I find it rather strange that I have never heard of Bride before! Even more bizarre is the fact I read this is the band’s thirteenth album! I feel obliged to confess that I am ignorant…  

I’ve read a blog that this is the band’s last album, after 23 years. At least it shows the fact that this isn’t a bunch of newbies and Bride makes this very clear from the very beginning of “Tsar Bomba”. These guys know how to write good songs, how to play awesome riffs, how they can seduce the listener. Bride isn’t exactly a band that is trying to get labeled; therefore their music is too wide ranged and often too unique. Of course they are influenced by other Heavy Metal bands and for sure I can find similar sounding bands but first of all Bride sounds as an exclusive band!  

Another thing I’ve noticed is that Bride is a Christian band. Although I know plenty of Christians bands I discover every day new unknown bands for whom the Christian messages are very important, even a reason why they started the band. Mostly these formations are American, same counts for Bride. I’ve noticed before at some specialized websites that amongst these Christian groups there are still superb bands to discover. It even seems this style, if we can consider Christian Metal as a specific genre, has its own circuit.  

Musical wise I hear that Bride mixes tunes that ‘an sich’ are influenced by one or another style, one or another band. Pearl Jam, Gun’s Roses, Psychotic Waltz, Black Sabbath, Whitesnake, Queen, U2,…to name a few and it proves how varied Bride really is. In between they deliver some fantastic and original musical performances; arrangements that will easily convince you how talented these members really are! Not every song is equally good to me but that has everything to do with my personal taste in music! “We are together” for example is a very good Rock song but it isn’t in particular a track that takes me by the throat. Nevertheless I think even this song owns its highlights and is fantastic performed. 

Bride contains a very good guitar player and a singer with very strong lungs and very enjoyable vocal sound. Bride is a band that will please a wide range of Rock and Metal fans and therefore it seems strange I am so ignorant about them .  

Especially those acoustic intermezzo’s are awesome! But believe me if I say those fast fingered guitar solos, weaved with plenty of emotional pulls at the strings, are fascinating as well! The choruses and refrains keeps on playing in the listeners mind and that proves some real artists are amongst Bride.  

This final album convinced me to dig into their history! It is such a pity this is the final album of the band but we need to respect their personal decisions. At least I hope that my review convinced you to find out more about this release. Check it out at  

My Points: 89 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)