Metal To Infinity

Broken Silence is formed on the Hawaiian grounds back in 1989. One led to another – it was former Holy Soldier / Stryper manager named Daryn Hinton who came in touch with one of the Broken Silence members a long time ago. A good rapport was established - along with Darin, the band worked out a very first effort which was an independent EP basically. The EP has been produced by David Zaffiro and as far as I can remember this guy was also the guitarist in another Christian Metal act named Bloodgood. Later on, in Japan they’ve heard about this EP and were so excited about that a Japanese label called Alfa decided to release not the EP only… instead, a full length became their mission to completed.  

The debut full length album from Broken Silence was a fact but unfortunately, “Discerning The Times” was such a great album that unfortunately, never reached the rest of the world. Some kind of a pity situation for all the world wide Melodic Heavy Metal maniacs but thank God, USA based label Retroactive Records came on with a brilliant idea – re-releasing “Discerning The Times” and I'm very excited with a decision like this. And I once again want to underline the fact that Retroactive Records is one of those labels I really admire due to they have a heart for real Classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal acts, mostly with a Christian touch but that’s not a problem at all to me. Good Rock / Metal efforts played from the heart in a state of pure passion – that’s what really matters to me! 

Well, Broken Silence is a typical Christian Metal band that reminds me of  Stryper, Hittman, Holy Soldier, Mass, Angelica, Barren Cross, Bloodgood, Recon and so on. All the elements to contemplate an album like this with a lot of appreciation are present right from the beginning up until the very last minutes. Excellent frontman who sings with much passion and dedication – there is a good sense deep within his voice remarkable… great singer to me! Focussed on the technical and melodic aspects of the entire album, I really have no reason to complain. Playing all of the songs from “Discerning The Times”, Broken Silence offers me a real good time on US Christian Metal music. 

Opener ‘Streets Of The Empty Soul’ comes on strong with nice riffs / burning melodic guitar lines and vocal delivery that does reminds me of early Hittman singer Scott Knight. Stryper or Holy Soldier fans better check out the song ‘Higher’. Pure melodic, ballad oriented and very catchy, a bit in the vein of older Skid Row or even Nelson - ‘Not Love At All (It’s My heart)’ is the one you have to play at high volume. Heavy riffing killer songs like ‘Naked’, ‘Innocent Kill’ know how to charm me – typical late 80s / early 90s Metal sound and I like it with all my heart. Christian Metal acts knows how to play an excellent ballad, it has always been and always will be like that. On “Discerning The Times’, you will hear a few good ones like ‘Seasons’ or ‘If I Love’, a song in the vein of Skid Row’s ‘I Remember You’. ‘Broken Crowns’ close this album off to a very elegant way and with a lot of power. Shutting down an album with track like this – well the only way to conclude this review is to say I'm very pleased with the entire album. 

Japanese label Alfa originally unleashed “Discerning The Times’ back in 1995 – more than 15 years later on Retroactive Records makes this output for the very first time the CD version available as a good looking digipack. Songs are re-mastered in good conditions – I think it’s time to finally shut down this review with a very positive, short quote such as: Great! Fans of US Christian Metal at its best have no reason to postpone their order… do it on the double via:  

My Points: 91 / 100 (Review By Stefan)