Metal To Infinity

Album number three for American based Progressive / Power Metal artists Brutal Hand is a fact after the band inked a deal with knights in True Metal services Metal On Metal Records early 2009. Since Brutal Hand was originally founded back in late 2000 (started as Mind’s Eye and switched their name into Brutal hand two years later on), they released two works actually self financed outputs. I had the opportunity to review their second one entitled “Unchain The World” and yes, right from the start I was hooked on these guys’ way of Metal. Quite unusual and unique vocal use with heavy tuned guitars those who spit also flammable solo’s with decent melodic lines… Brutal Hands’ Metal offering felt amazingly well – I longed already for the follow up and Gods from above served me well… read my thoughts on the new Brutal Hand album “Purgatory’s Rage”. 

In antagonism of their previous effort “Unchain The World” I recognize a band that took a big step forward on different musical aspects. The style of music remained the same to me but the song structures are much better than before. Watch out: Brutal Hand brought on excellent works right before this new release too but once again - an album like “Purgatory’s Rage” reflects a formation that is reaching the Metal top one step at the time, closer and closer but they will succeed, I'm sure about that! Point is that I'm real pleased with the fact Metal On Metal Records offered them a well deserved contract which probably leads to a more open highway straight to overseas regions too you know! 

The new album opens with a great and dark minded intro followed by a first full track entitled ‘Purgatory’. Damn, this a real excellent ProgPower Metal masterpiece. For some reasons, I’d like to dare making comparisons Classic Metal gods like Shok Paris and Warrior. I guess it is frontman Freddy Ferrell’s manner of singing makes me feel that way. Overall, it’s a magnificent track that’s built up extremely attractive. Next song ‘Six’ has dark and sinister atmosphere on board and is played with a whole lotta technical skills. In perfect harmony you’ll hear an excellent form of well-done musicianship – bass and drum lines as well as the guitars in combination with cool keyboard use seem to be played totally problem-less!  

‘Karma’ starts subdued and subtle but after a bit more than one-minute playtime, heaven comes down people… what a superb song is this!! Not one single elements lacks – definitely a favourite work of mine! But there are plenty of other songs that captured my full attention. Lots of musical emotions and dark felt passages to make sure that all of your Progressive Power Metal desires will be completed awaiting during songs as: ‘Dying Sun’, ‘Stand On It’, ‘Sandra’ (this one does remind me on a Swedish 80s band named Artch and the song ‘Where I Go’ from the almighty album “Another Return”), ‘Earth’, ‘Fire Son’ but in fact, you just have to check the entire album out due to I honestly like them all, one by one and that comes straight from my heart – let that be clear! 

Besides delicious US Progressive / Power Metal music – there is also the outside that looks extremely wonderful. Eye catching cover art, full coloured booklet within lyrics and many more information… an album to praise with all my might heart is the only way out to describe such a great masterpiece! To all fans of Savatage, Warrior, Tad Morose, Dream Theater – order right HERE. Fans of good old Hard Rock better should check out this album too! 

My Points: 97 / 100 (Review by Stefan)