Metal To Infinity

Another US Metal band is heading our way! I’ve read about these guys on the Internet and what I’ve heard on their myspace.com page was enough to ask for some promotional material. It seems this band found a good label because I even read reviews about them in several bigger magazines. Not that these magazines were always that positive but I’ve learned during the years that good selling fanzines aren’t always the best source to discover great albums. 

This isn’t the first release of Burning Black and I admit I missed their first release. After listening to this one I presume I will purchase their debut one day, called “Prisoners Of Steel”.  Not that I am extremely wild about Burning Black but they deliver some decent Heavy Metal. Influenced by the Eighties Metal scène and by adding a modern touch to their sound Burning Black delivers a professional product. The red line in every song finds their roots in bands like Judas Priest, Accept and many other traditional bands. By using subtle keyboards in some songs they sound modern. The band can’t hide their interest in plenty of European bands too. 

Burning Black is constantly focused on very melodic arrangements and it makes their choruses and refrains very recognizable. The fast fingered and very clear produced guitar solos are the biggest highlight on this release. What I do like on this release is the fact that at several songs these solos keep on playing in the back ground, like we discovered on some old Dokken albums or at for example that mighty Wycked Synn release.  

Not that Burning Black is comparable, in general, with Dokken or Wycked Synn! Many other melodic Heavy Metal bands can be named right here (Firewind, Masterplan, Primal Fear,…) although the quality of these comparable bands is higher. Burning Black doesn’t sound at all American. Is this necessary? No, not at all, especially not if you hear that the band worked hard delivering quality! Vocal wise the band needs to grow and I admit not every song is as strong and convincing enough to me! The song writing in other words needs to grow too. 

If you’re into good sounding melodic Heavy Metal, foreseen with some fantastic guitars and if you’re not afraid to hear very catchy refrains Burning Black might be something for you. Burning Black isn’t cheesy enough to sound typical European nor are they dark and mysterious enough to sound American. Best songs to me are “Secrets To Hide”, Dangerous Game” and the heavier “Messengers Of Hell” . Nothing new will be heard but Burning Black is good enough to try them out! http://www.myspace.com/burningblackband  

My Points: 77 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)