Metal To Infinity

From out of Maryland I received this Burning Shadows’ EP called “Oathbreaker”. This isn’t exactly the band’s first effort and although I’ve noticed them before on the Internet I never searched for any more info. Not that the band did something wrong to me or I disliked their music but I am constantly searching for the ultimate band, making me explore so much that I must have forgotten to check them out. Blame me but I will take my responsibility and give the band the attention it deserves. 

Does Burning Shadows deserve to be talked about? Oh yes, for sure because this formation contains a bench of good musicians playing very good Heavy Metal! Nowadays so many bands seem to play Eighties Metal and Burning Shadows is no exception. Their Epic style is the reason why their tracks are pretty long, only the opening song lasts a bit longer than 4 minutes but this EP offers you totally 35 minutes of Metal. 

Musical wise this band brings nothing renewed. Anyway they’re not that easy to get into and this EP needs its time and that’s the reasons why I kept on listening to this one. Not that Burning Shadows plays an ultra technical or sophisticated music but the refrains and choruses aren’t always the easiest on the ear, except for “Second son” I suppose.  It’s as a matter of fact the only song that has a clear ‘European’ touch but yet it still sounds darker than most Metal from out of this continent. 

Nevertheless the band worked hard to write varied tracks and they’ve performed them with plenty of power. Especially on those mid-tempo Thrashy riffs Burning Shadows sound awesome although I’m convinced a stronger production would make them sound much more overwhelming. In “Supernatural Warfare”, somewhere in the middle, singer Tom Davey even sings high and it fits him and the band perfectly. A bit further in the same track you’ll hear ad dirty low voice in the background, fitting this piece of music perfectly. I suppose it’s clear that Burning Shadows did everything to deliver multiple typical Metal elements into their music without bringing on any clichés.  

Talking about Tom Davey I need to say he has a specific vocal sound from which I dare to say not everybody will like it. His vocal lines are emotional and this guy contains a special timbre, making it a reason why I make this statement. It’s not always easy and wanted to compare singers and therefore I advise you to take a good listen to the band, even more than once. Anyway for me it is an obvious ‘yes’ because Tom Davey is a good singer and his performance on this EP is good! If you would hear the high screams he performs in “Supernatural Warfare” and “Second Son” you would understand why for me it’s a definitive ‘yes’, without any doubts! On the other hand I also admit that if he would use such a power all the time and more high pitched vocals he would be more convincible!  

Burning Shadows is inspired by bands like for example Iced Earth and Metal Church but they’re adding their own epic touch to it and that’s good because we’re not waiting for another clone. Burning Shadows is a very good US Metal band and worked hard to make this style’s typical elements recognizable.  “Haunter Of The Dark”, the best track to me, is a typical example for what I am trying to say. The song is full of awesome and sharp riffs, talented and technical drums, great vocal lines, fast guitar solos, a cold shivering and dark atmospheric middle part.  

“Whisper suffering” proves why Burning Shadows contains very good musicians. The intro by a piano part and cold shivering slow guitar pieces are impressive. Tom Davey easily sings along with his wide ranged voice and gives this emotional track the right touch. Once more you’ll hear good musical performances. 

“Oathbreaker” is really worth checking out if you’re into US Metal and the more Epic kind of Metal. This is another band which deserves attention although I suppose they’re doomed to stay in the underground forever. But that doesn’t mean a thing because mostly the best Metal comes from beyond that surface although 2010 is exceptional in the other way. Nevertheless Burning Shadows brings a remarkable EP that can be checked at http://www.myspace.com/burningshadows. 

My Points: 82 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)