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Are you familiar with Screamer from the USA? No? Well, let me talk about these guys… About twenty years ago they released an album called ''Target: Earth''. I can't say they shocked the world with it but that had nothing to do with the band nor the music. A lack of support must have been the reason this album isn’t well know amongst the fans of true US (Progressive) Metal. Although a lot of bands are sounding similar, only a few bands wrote an album like ''Target: Earth'' . Who? Queensryche with ''The Warning'' and Lethal with ''Programmed'' but this last album was released two years after ''Target: Earth''! . Although this is an outstanding CD, only the mediocre production was a weak point. I can only hope for a decent re-release or re-recording in the near future. 

Almost two years I have contacts with Bill Carter, singer from Screamer. The man with the mind blowing high pitched voice seems to be an ultra friendly guy. Bill created a page about Screamer and I sent him a mail to tell him how fantastic Screamer was to me. The more important question was if Screamer had a future… I don't know if it was my message that convinced Bill to re-start Screamer but at least I can give you, today, the official first review for their upcoming album. Screamer has no label yet, only the songs are recorded and they're awaiting support! Be sure we will because it is disgraceful this album is infamous and because of the fact the new album is irresistible! 

I admit, when Bill told me about the new album, I was waiting for a new ''Target: Earth'' or should I say a new Progressive Power Metal album in vein of the old Queensryche, Fates Warning or Lethal. It didn't actually turn out that way and the new Screamer sounds different from the previous album. Nevertheless a lot of similar musical elements can be discovered.  The first time I've heard a new song I wasn't that thrilled at all but today Bill e-mailed me the entire album. I am speechless, wild, bowled over, stunned… 

The big difference between both albums is that Screamer sounds more melodic than before. Each particular song contains fantastic vocal lines and although Bill isn't searching anymore for the highest notes he still has a wonderful clear voice. His timbre is strong, his vocal sounds overall unique. His throat contains a very warm touch and is varied enough to label him as a top singer. Although on the debut album his voice was comparable with Geoff Tate, John Arch or Tom Mallicoat it sounds different nowadays. The vocal lines are lower but are still overwhelming. Only a song like 'Filtered' is enough to show me right! 

Another strong point on this new album are the amazing guitar riffs. During the entire disc you'll be surprised by the fast fingered riffs and screaming, touching solo's. Talking about styles these guitar arrangements are reminding me to Georg Lynch in his best period ever; with Dokken! If you were excited of what George Lynch did on albums like ''Back For The Attack'' or ''Under Lock And Key''  you will adore this. If you would hear a song like 'Into Sublime' or 'Sweet Laraine' you will understand what I mean! Sophisticated riffs, without any form of exaggeration, are holding your attention and are making this disc into a Metal masterpiece,  improving it with the addition of Melodic and Progressive metal elements. Time after time Ronald Valeo and Michael DeRose pull the strings on a way it gives me a cold shivering!  

Old Dokken is as a matter of fact a good band to be compared with, although Screamer sounds darker. If you would mix this thought with music in vein of Q5 (both albums), Stryper, Heir Apparent (''One Small Voice'' era) or Wycked Synn (another infamous first class band) I suppose you'll get the perfect idea how Screamer sounds nowadays. It has been a long time that a band in this particular genre electrified me the way Screamer does now!  

It is not that pleasant to constantly match up a band to other bands… Screamer deserves more but I suppose it is the only way I can convince you US Metal fanatics to go search for this band. After multiple listens I'm quite sure also labels will be delighted by Screamer. This addictive 'magnum opus' won't leave my tuner for the next weeks!  

I would end my review by begging the labels to give Screamer a fair chance! This band has so much skills that they deserve to be treated right. I can't wait for the official news from the band, saying they signed a decent deal. Awaiting this CD you can try to find ''Target: Earth'' (easy to find on the Internet) or you can surf to:    

My Points: 95 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)