Metal To Infinity

Actually formed while a band named Frenzy Mono and bassist Albert Bell (well known from his work with the band Forsaken) teamed up for a jam session back in 2006. During that jam session, something magical happened - one led to another and a bit later on, Nomad Son was born. The collaboration of Malta heavy rockers Frenzy Mono and Maltese born Doom Metal veteran Albert Bell sparkled right from their first rehearsal, we only can be satisfied about that great musicianship - all those into Doom Metal better watch out for Nomad Son's debut effort entitled ''First Light''.  

I've heard two songs earlier this year on Metal On Metal Records' ''Promo Vol.1'' sampler and I was hooked on their sound right away. You could feel their passion for Doom Metal music, damn right I was impressed and looked out for their debut that is just released in full pride and glory. The communication of all the Frenzy Mono members and Albert Bell works smoothly. Determinable as "the perfect fit", Nomad Son delivers the best of the best on the field of Doom Metal music.  

Their songs definitely do remind me of famous Trouble, Dream Death, Saint Vitus, Pentagram, Black Sabbath, Candlemass... heavy loaded as a FLAK canon - Nomad Son is the new breed in front of the Doom Metal community. ''First Light'' delivers full heavy riff laden songs with excellent, roughly minded vocal lines... also the hard hitting drums, bass work and the use of keyboards/organs work contagious.

Opener "Forever Twilight" is still one of favourites - the beginning of this one reminds me of Dreams Death's song "Back From The Dead"... What Nomad Son brings on is phenomenal in all its musical aspects. The dark atmosphere lingers on in songs like "Shallow Grave" and "Seven Notes In Black" and give me the opportunity to increase my appreciation for Nomad Son more and more. Instrumental "Delirium" can't impress me honestly but what follows afterwards is amazing once again. I contemplate the instrumental composition as a small break to recharge my energy continuing to concentrate myself on the remaining four songs. "At The Thresholds Of Consciousness", "The Wraith" and "Empyrean Fade" are really fantastic works. To me, these guys deserve to be placed on top of the Doom Metal scene. Following the pathways of the greatest, Nomad Son is a band to enjoy, a band with talent and the right spirit in hands - they bring on the best, believe me on my word. Last song on ''First Light'' entitled "The Light At The End" isn't able to catch my attention unfortunately.  

Globally examined, I'd like to recommend this album to all those Metal maniacs into Heavy/Doom Metal with a late 70s/early 80s feel... folks on the hunt for some modern, "beating around the bush" kinda form of Metal, better get the hell out of here. Along with label mates Heathendom - Nomad Son can be described as two outfits, actually "revelations of Doom"! Fantastic efforts guys - keep it up. Order at:

My Points: 93 / 100 (Review by Stefan)