Although I'm not into Black Metal I learned to respect this genre over the last months. It seems I was wrong about the prejudices I had about this kind of music. Oh yes, Black Metal can be technical, atmospheric and the musicians are often very skilled. But I admit I still don’t know that much about their musicians… let it be a challenge for the future to learn more about them. 

Walter 'Crom' Grosse is a musician of the German Black Metallers Dark Fortress. This guy decided to start his own project and to be honest I'm even more surprised about the talents of this man. This time he chooses to play more Traditional Metal but with an intense focus on quality, melody and hard hitting rhythms. On the other side also the slower, acoustic parts are mind blowing.  Crom as a band contains atmospheric, epic touches, stunning guitar riffs, outstanding solo's and above all they play superb songs!  

Crom uses guitar driven rhythmic foundations for this kind of creative Metal. Because of the clear and strong voice of Crom it is not that difficult to seduce the listener. The vocal lines are 'easy on the ear' and full of symphonic elements. Each song of this album knows its strength and all are impressive. By making use of choirs in the background and the bombastic musical elements that are often used, Crom proves that there might be a good looking future ahead.  This band is complete, the musicians fits perfectly with each other and this project isn't meant to be a 'one day fly'.  

The epical inspiration of Virgin Steele or Manilla Road, the emotional touches that makes Evergrey so typical, the dark impressions of Solitude Aeturnus or Candlemass, the majestic influences of later Bathory can all be found into this album. This one must be heard by fans of all bands I've mentioned! My Points: 90/100 (review by Officer Nice)