Metal To Infinity

I remember this band. To be honest it was more because of the eye catching front cover from their very first album than from their music. These guys are from Spain and for some reasons I am pretty convinced that I’m not the only one who found their first release attracting for the reason I gave before. As a matter of fact it seems to be a brand of the band making seducing front covers; once more this one was the first I took out of the package the post man delivered me. Well, I’ve said before how important front covers really are… 

But I suppose you, and the band, understand that an album is written in the first place because of the music. Cain’s Dinasty plays a darker kind of European Power Metal. Not exactly the ‘happy happy’ tunes but this kind of music can be easily adapted. Nevertheless Cain’s Dinasty changes tempo all the time and the guitars are exciting all the way. The band adds all kind of special things into their music, to sound as varied and musical as possible. Rubin Picazo, the singer of the band, seems to be the main song writer too.  

Let’s talk about his vocal performances first. This man contains a good and strong voice and he often reminds me to that singer of Brainstorm and Symphorce… Help me, what’s his name again? Yes, Andy B. Frank who’s an ultimate friendly guy by the way. Maybe it isn’t that strange anyway to talk about both German bands because also musical wise I hear similarities. Other influences I’ve discovered are for sure Symphony X, Wuthering Heights and Evergrey. The band weaves interesting samples before en between the songs and because of them this release sounds dark and evil at some points. “Devil May Cry” is a great track that even reminds me of Cage, the American band.  

What mister Picazo also has foreseen are darker vocals, not really grunts but his low voices are very close. It varies again the songs and Cain’s Dinasty has worked hard to sound different than most common bands… However I hear enough interesting melodies it’s clear that Cain’s Dinasty isn’t able to discover new boundaries, as a matter of fact they’re using elements that other have found before. The band has never reached the goal to give me cold shivers or to bring me under one or another spell. It doesn’t mean “Madmen, Witches And Vampires” is a bad album. Cain’s Dinasty is clearly a European band and this album is not exceptional, yet interesting enough to give it a try. 

My Points: 79 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)