Metal To Infinity

12 tracks and a video clip on this ‘Jugando Con Fuego’ album from Spanish metallers Calibre Zero. It’s intensifying and energeticRrock as they say about this first album, but of course that’s promo talk, and we like to take a good listen ourselves to give an honest and fair judgment.  

The four members of the band are giving the best of their abilities, but if you want to release a striking and attractive Metal album, you will need more talent to persuade the Metal community.  The songs are okay, the production is pretty heavy as well, but the song structure is a little poor and substandard. Calibre Zero is playing in a droll and corny style mixed with nowadays influences like Korn. It’s pretty odd to listen to songs that have a bridge to the old and new musical influences, and for some, it might be an interesting mixture. Next thing that I really detest: the vocals are in Spanish. Not that I hate this lovely country, but it has no affection to me when I hear Spanish lyrics of which I don’t understand a word. Maybe, Calibre Zero is trying to convince the Spanish headbangers, but if you want to start a career outside the borders of your own country, you should think in an international style and language. Perhaps, things will change on their next album… 

People that are into a mixture of  Baron Rojo with Black Sabbath and Korn will be pleased about this band. Question is, if there are people that are eagerly searching for this melting pot of different styles.  I guess not…  Some songs have potential, but a lot of songs can be considered as ‘nice to have’ or more clearly: fillers. 

I hope that Calibre Zero will succeed in  writing better structures and arrangements, otherwise this band is destined as a dime in a dozen… 

My Rating: 70 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)