Metal To Infinity

“Psalms For The Dead”, the latest and also final album from Epic Doom Metal band Candlemass - now many times when you hear a band saying it'll be their last album there's a reason to worry. But this is Candlemass we're talking about here and there's absolutely no reason at all to be worried. In fact the album is truly great. 

The production values of this album are simply fantastic, the band just sounds powerful and heavy just as they should. From the drums, bass lines, guitar riffs and the lead playing everything is simply good. Also the keyboards manage to be played as they should be in Metal music. They add to the music but are never overbearing. Vocals are still for Robert Lowe and as expected he once again delivers an excellent performance. So all in all a good production combined with the band's great performance and the as usual brilliant song writing makes for one beast of an album. 

The song 'Prophet' kicks off the album in a fantastic way, 'The Light Of Thebe' has an Arabian theme to it which as far as I can remember Candlemass never really experimented with. But apparently they can pull this off just as well as anything else they do. Then there's 'Waterwitch' when you hear this song you really start to wonder why they are even stopping. That song just makes you want them to keep going forever. Then there's 'The sound of dying demons' is a slow moving and powerful track with some simple but tasteful drumming and some great lyrics. 

From start to finish this album is simply great. If this truly is the last one, the so called swan song from Candlemass, than they truly went out with an excellent album. Anyone who eve slightly likes Doom Metal should simply have “Psalms For The Dead” in their collection. 

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Santens)