Metal To Infinity

Careless is another US Metal band! Well, another…. It has been too quiet for me if we talk pure US Metal. I know some bands still need to release their album but the waiting has been far too long until now. Okay, Vicious Rumors released one of their best efforts ever and Jag Panzer did it once again…to disband a few months later. But these are the more famous bands, from the underground we haven’t seen that much. Or is it because I don’t visit anymore? I discovered tons of first class unknown bands on this site but it so fucked up nowadays I don’t put my energy in it anymore. 

Well, we were talking about Careless, a band from Pennsylvania. Two friends, Walt Kosar and James Collins, already met in high-school and both were big Metal fans. As all oldies amongst us they grew up with Maiden, Dio and Queensryche and that can be heard on this album. Especially Iron Maiden and the entire NWOBHM scène has been influencing.  

Musical wise this band reminded me very strongly to Pharaoh, Tim Aymar’s band. Also this band owns that special timbre I can find back on Careless. Traditional all the way, nothing renewing at all but these songs are all played with the right feeling. “D.F.M.”, whatever it stands for, is a fantastic track, able to make your heart beat a bit faster! Why? Because Careless puts emotions into their music! Not only the vocals are responsible for it, these are a bunch of good musicians, no doubts.  

The attitude of the band is perfect and I suppose they realize they will never get world famous because of “Coalition”. Nevertheless this is a most cherish album, crafting songs that embody everything for which good metal stands. The instrumental acoustic “As Times Passes…” really stole my soul! I adore this kind of acoustic pieces on an album. Not only do they show what a guitar player is capable of, they also bring the listener in the right mood! And on every track this singer succeeds to hold my attention to this album. Also the guitars are just fantastic, another reason why this band is worth checking them out! On “Between The Mayhem” the bass guitar gets time to get in the picture. On “5ive” the entire band shows how much talent they have. To me this Jazzy instrumental was a bit ‘over the edge’ although I was astonished how good these guys are, especially the drums on this – thankfully- short song are fantastic! No, I stick with the rest of this good album!  

Careless ain’t the most spectacular band, neither are they the future for the Metal scène. But if you’re a fan of NWOBHM (Saxon, Elixir, Legend,…) with an American attitude this might be a band that can please you. Great songs, good vocals, awesome guitars and for 100% true Metal! The essence and spirit of classic 80's Heavy Metal is present here. Check

My Points: 84 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)