Metal To Infinity

We all know that time passes by in a blink of an eye – check it out, it’s almost three years ago that I wrote the review for Carlos Lichman’s album entitled “Firestorm”. Carlos is a world-class Metal shred guitar player from sunny Brazil – to what I’ve heard back then on the promo effort was really incredible, I was totally overwhelmed – actually knocked out! 

He learned a lot from his own idols such as Jason Becker, Yngwie Malmsteen, Marty Friedman – as time flew by, Carlos Lichman created tons of magical guitar skills using his own ‘golden fingers’ those delivering pure shred guitar tactics to the bone. Demo’s, EP’s, Live DVD’s, CD’s – Carlos created them all, each one of these products got great response from press / media including from myself! I really have a lot of dignity for such a great guitarist – On his previous album, he convinced me all the way with brilliant, detailed perfect skills but it seems like I ain’t hear nothing yet. 

Carlos Lichamn’s new effort “Genocide” has been released lately – twelve fully instrumental compositions on the tracklist and the only thing I can say is Oh My God! Guys, believe me as I tell you that “Genocide” delivers the very best on shred guitar driven Metal music. Get rid of all those silly people spreading rubbish around like “all shred guitarists sounds very similar to each other” – totally unfair and fully untrue to me! There’s a huge difference between most of the players’ tactics, that’s my opinion. When you’re influenced by another one doesn’t mean you literally takes over all the moves… according to myself, each guitarist has its own skills and as far as I know there is not one single guitarist on earth that sounds exactly the same as someone else! 

This Brazilain individual can be described as a Metal guitar player to the extreme and has nothing to do with other shredders like (for example) Vai, Satriani – two of my guitar faves too but they have other ‘superb’ manners to handle their tools. Again, Carlos Lichman offers more powerplay shred guitar including magnificent chops, lots of melodic parts alternating with groovy riffs as well as heavy, power and thrash rhythms will hit your ears and brings you on the move. All the songs on “Genocide” are so damn good – I’d like to name it ‘total perfection’ right on!  

Maniacs on the hunt for flammable finger scorching guitar solo’s to the extreme, breathtaking riffs and even more technical and professional instrumental Metal music definitely have to check Carlos Lichman at:  /  “Genocide” – Brazilain Shred Metal at its best!! 

My Points: 93 / 100 (Review by Stefan)