Metal To Infinity

With the most of appreciation I want you firstly and especially present to a brand new label named Metal On Metal Records. This is the initiative of two individuals whose live and breathe Metal in its purest form. I'm talking about Jowita Kaminska and her partner Simone A. Peruzzi. As long as it's all about True Metal, you can count on them for sure. Jowita is a Polish artist who's been creaing many unique pieces of art since many years. Metal means lifeblood for her - check out her website at: - you won't believe your eyes. No doubt about it, this pure Metal minded woman has a golden hand for sure. To keep the long story short - Jowita and Simone are true "partners in crime", heart in the right place!

We can be sure that only real Metal stuff will be released on their new label Metal On Metal Records. We at MTI will keep you informed about what happens in the camp of MOM Records because this is the ultimate company for old school metal and that's what we absolutely like. The first Promo with songs from future releases has been spread meanwhile and believe me when I say that my expectations about this label are really high. A few excellent bands are: Heathendom (Power/Doom Metal from Greece), Fallen Angels (80s Thrash from USA), Skelator (Speed Metal merchants - USA), Metal Law from Germany, etc... once again, keep an eye on these works if you are into 'real Metal'. Some of them will be released by Raw Metal, a division of Metal On Metal Records.

The label's very first release is Catch 22, name of the album is ''Soulreaper: Evilution/Devilution''. First shot - first kick in the head because Ohio based Catch 22 bring on the very best. Forget about "modern - beating around the bush" ways of Metal... this is for real, guys - in your face, awesome Power/Thrash Metal, the American way. It's actually a double CD, on board are at least 22 killer songs. Last year's release of Catch 22 ''Soulreaper Vol. 1'' has been brought out as an independent item with only 11 works to be heard. All those also are on the DCD plus eleven other ones. In other words, you get the full gear, thanx to Metal On Metal Records, hell yeah. 

I've always been a fan of Catch 22 because of their power, roughness, song structures that can kill... I don't want to forget to show my honor and faith in the one and only vocalist/guitarist, Mr. T.J. Berry. This evil looking, long haired brother of Metal sings phenomenally to me. Not comparable with others, he's definitely "one of a kind". Watch out for his deadly, violent screams - enjoy T.J.'s high pitched lines - he also can handle deep, low-roaring tunes; once again, this guy's really great and I even haven't talked about his "axe wielding" movements. Very powerful riffs with outstanding, pure Metal covered solos that melt the ice. Armed to teeth with precious skills, main man T.J. Berry's delivering the goods for sure! 

Since I knew Catch 22, they've always had an eye for technical details and that's great to me. Not cloning other Metal bands, they do it all their own original way... US Power/Heavy Metal fans will be completely pleased and Thrash Metal worshippers will be served too. Various enough, each song has its own character which makes this album a very appreciated and highly recommended output, made by a very promising band. Busy playing great songs for more than a decade, I guess Catch 22's team-up situation with MOM Records is something well deserved and will put their name on the international map of True Metal, the American way! 

The package of this double CD looks brilliant, Jowita Kaminska shows her talents on the impressive looking cover - this is pure magical art done by the mistress herself, well, sister. Also provided are the lyrics, to be found in booklet, while inlay is featuring the band's information... all has been foreseen, you won't miss a damn thing. ''Soulreaper: Evilution/Devilution'', a killer album the way it should be for fans of Dream Death, Doomshade, Testament, Savatage (the early years!). Before closing down, I'd like to mention a few songs to which you can let your US Metal spirit run free... here they are: "Soulreaper", "Cyberchrist", "Drown", "Swimming With Sharks", "Doomsday Scenario", "Rising", "Crawling", "Saviour Self", "Killing Floor" and many more but find it out yourself and make your own mind.  

If you have a heart for typical US Metal - old school tradition - start your engine now and follow the road to your local record store in hope to grab this awesome double CD. Otherwise, take place in front of your PC screen and surf to: Metal the way it should be - without a band like Catch 22 your CD collection won't be complete. I'm satisfied all over - CATCH 22 rules!!!

My Points: 96 / 100 (Review by Stefan)