Metal To Infinity

Category 5 is a band formed in Detroit, at the end of 2006. Lead guitarist Joe Czentnar put an ad in a local paper, looking for a singer. From that ad Czentnar met Perry Zaremba. Joe began playing with other musicians and soon found guitarist/keyboardist Kevin Davis with another band and the band eventually brought bass player George Koch and drummer Kenny Morss.  

Category 5 started to play for a live audience within the walls of local clubs doing covers to get themselves used to playing as a solid unit before it came to writing “Off The Ivory Coast”. The band members pulled out their influences (musical tastes running from Classic Rock and Jazz to Classical and Prog Rock) to incorporate into the writing process. “Off The Ivory Coast” is an album that covers many styles of music, actually a 25 minutes long EP that contains 5 different songs.  

It starts with the rock song “Lost In Legacy” and brings you back to the 80s. I hear a bit of Van Halen in this song. “Home again”, the first song written by the band, is a slow song. Also “I Wonder” is a slow song - a reflection of bass player George Koch‟s memories of his well respected mother. Than we have “Party If You Want To”, a song with jazz influences due to the addition of the sax, played by special guest Dave Whitelaw. The last song is the hardest one on the album. Entitled “7 Daze Warning”, this is a Metal piece with heavy guitars and the mighty use of double bass moves by drummer Kenny Morss. The lyrical content is all about the very early years of Category 5.  

“Off The Ivory Coast” is an album with many genres of music and which make it a strange album. People who like different styles, will find this album okay. But if you like one particular style, than, I don’t know if this is the right effort for you. Due to they make 5 good songs not quit similar with each other so I think they have to make up what kind of music they wanna play. “OTIC” is released in 2009 so you might think this review has been written quite late – we at MTI received the promo CD only a few weeks ago, I guess somewhere in April 2011 so don’t blame us for that. Find out more about the band at:  

My Points: 70 / 100 (Review by Metalandy)