Metal To Infinity

Chalice is a Metal band that was formed by bass player Chris Lagrange (ex-Iconoclasm) back in 1998. He and the rest of the gang were determined to let loose inner feelings while playing their own style of Metal music. Right from the early days of existence, Chalice‘s passion for extreme Metal always played the key role while creating songs. Each song these guys ever made has its own deadly dose of aggressiveness and brutality on board. Another cold hard fact is that Chalice never found a stable line-up. Teaming up with a band requires a lot of effort and courage… If that is not the case, forget about it! Due to these uncomfortable circumstances throughout many years, Chalice never called it quits. Watching to the their very beginning up till now (2012), bassist Chris is the only one left from the original core!  He won’t take no for an answer which is the right spirit to me – that’s what I call determination to succeed! 

Throughout the years of existence, Chalice brought out a 5-song debut demo CD entitled “Disentangled” back in 2002 followed by a second 8-track demo output called “Inner Torment” six years later on. They also featured on “Face Your Underground 5” compilation album released in 2007. Creating only demo’s during a timeline of 13 years isn’t a big success you might think but here in Belgium, you have to take into consideration that it’s a very hard task to survive within the Metal movement. Belgium has a lot of great Metal acts to offer but pity fact is that most of them must pay an extensive price themselves when it’s time to release a demo / CD. When organisers hook you up to complete the bill of one or another concert or festival, you have to take the opportunity with both hands because once you’re on stage, present maniacs get the opportunity to see what your band has to deliver. They like your stuff, they probably will buy a product after all as well and spread the word around… that’s how the story goes when you’re involved with the underground Metal scene. Same old story that will never change I guess! 

The last months, all goes very well with Chalice. Last year they played the finals of the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle – their promising performance have not led to victory, yet they showed what they are capable of right now. This must be the new start of a totally renewed Chalice concept. The current line-up seems to be the strongest ever that surely will lead the band to a much higher level... cross my fingers!   

And the beginning of 2012 brings us good news straight from the Chalice camp – this summer the band will record a new full length album! Yet untitled, this must be the ultimate output that’ll put Chalice on the map of extreme Metal music like never before. Along with the aggressive, death grunt styled of vocals of Pieter Dewulf, the perfect in harmony played guitar works of newcomers Hans Depraetere en Nicolas Bruggeman (ex-Death Anos/Gardens Of Grief/Lowres, Eternal Breath), drummer Vincent ‘Vinny’ Debaveye (Eternal Breath) rejoined Chalice after an absence of 8 years. Founding member / bassist Chris Lagrange still driven by the forces of devastating Metal music is ready to seize from your throat. Awaiting the official release of their new album, the band posted three promo songs online. Check these pieces out via the bottom line of  their ‘media’ section right HERE. I did the same for several times – this is my opinion on the new songs played by the new line-up. 

First one called ‘Coward’ opens with groovy killer riffs played on multiple types of velocities. Well fitted and aggressive vocals reign supreme. ‘When Are Gods Are Sleeping’ let hear another side of the band. The way this track is build up reflects the band’s strongest side, complicated but sophisticated originality speaks for itself. Dark, sinister or doomy way of Metal with deep growling and aggressive vocals, nice melodic guitars, haunting bass lines… second song, second kick in the head! Last one entitled ‘Reflect’ comes along and again, I’m quite impressed. I’m not a pure defender of Death, Black or whatever kind of extreme Metal music… especially when particular songs are based with the intention of  ‘let’s play as fast as possible without paying attention on musical details’, damn sure I’ll take my bags and I go! Extreme Metal compositions made with a regard of musical variety able to lift up the entire concept to a higher level, I will stay.  

These three songs from the forthcoming new Chalice album (that’ll be recorded during the summer of 2012) make me feel comfortable because of the good structured versatility. No matter if the band plays it aggressive, speedy, doomy or whatever… interesting point is that every piece of the puzzle fits as it should be, no failures audible here. It proves that a big musical progression is well underway for Chalice. Great blend of technical and melodious, aggressive, dark and gloomy Progressive Thrash / Death Metal… watch out for Chalice’s full album officially unleashed within a few months so stay tuned at:    

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by Stefan)