Metal To Infinity

Children Of Doom was created in august 2008 from the alcoholism and sonorous union of 3 brothers, bring up together by the love of Doom Metal and basically of music in general. October 2009 they released their 1st self-released pressed demo “Ride Over The Green Valley”. In january 2010 their demo was released by the Peruvian label Capricorn records as a tape version. A year later, January 2011, release of the split 7” EP along with the Bottle Doom Lazy Band’s “Doom Freaks” EP.  And now, june 2011 they release their 1st album “Doom, Be Doomed Or Fuck off” on Emanes Metal records. 

Their debut consists of only 6 songs. The opening song 'Mr Nasty' let us hear straight away that this is rather a Rock 'n' Roll than Doom Metal work. It doesn't sound bad, but the vocals make it sound fucked up due to trying to sing in different ways. It has no straight line and is difficult to follow. For the next song 'Technophobia' it is the same. Musically not bad but ...  The 7, 24m long '1916' is a typical Doom Metal song, riddled with Rock 'n' Roll. So calling their music “raw & rusty” (most likely it’s the vocals they mean)… doomed rock'n'roll would actually be right. 'Bottle Ben In The Streets' follows in the same way as the song before. Next piece in line is the title track but is also not much different to the other songs. We end with a 12 minutes long '...Mia's desert' - this one begins with a 4 minute experimental intro featuring drums and some guitar - finally when the song starts.... there are no vocals, it is an instrumental song with not much to it and it ends as it began.

This album doesn't really have much to offer, “Doom, Be Doomed Or Fuck Off”, well as far as I'm concerned this French trio may just as well Fuck Off.  

My rating: 48 / 100 (Review by Metalandy)