Metal To Infinity

From out of the Big Apple I received this CD. I was expecting some kind of instrumental guitar hero album, the kind of CD’s we’ll often receive but aren’t that easy to make a review about. This CD was packed without a true booklet and back and that’s a pity. It would have been fantastic to receive this one as a full CD because I would have given it a place, without any doubts, in my main CD-racks. Now it’s doomed to stay forever in my closet with promo’s… It might sound ridiculous but I’m kind of a freak in that specific point.  

Nevertheless I’ve enjoyed this album a lot. From the beginning until the end I’ve heard great melodic Heavy Metal, mainly influenced by the Eighties Metal movement. It’s so clear these guys are Americans; the way the good structured songs are written and performed, the way the guitar solos are played, how the vocal lines are performed… it’s all so American! 

Fans of bands like Dokken, Savatage, Icarus Witch, Riot and at some points even a softer kind of Helstar or Judas Priest will be grateful with this one. The knowledge that this CD contains a clear production is another extra point but is also a base of my critics. What I  mean is that the album would have been even more irresistible if more Power was used, although it seems to be the strategy not doing it. Some extra darkness and stronger basic lines would or could made this a release that ended in the top of my year list. I’ve heard several extraordinary or call it spectacular tracks  – so don’t get me wrong - but they’re a bit too polished for me to really blow me away. Now you can see this as a more ‘Glam like’ kind of pure Heavy Metal if you know what I mean! On the other hand the Progressive touch – mixed with 100% melodic lines - is fantastic, making the band stay away from clichés… 

Christopher Jacobson seems to be the main man behind this project and believe me he’s a fantastic singer. His emotional clear and strong voice contains everything a good Metal band needs. Imagine that this guy performed most of the rhythm guitars, acoustic and electric! Some friends and his brother helped him out for the other instruments and the mostly spectacular and fast fingered – even shredding solos… All seems to be first class musicians and I really hope we’ll hear more from them in the future! 

I noticed that Christopher Jacobson is also a singer from a band called Untaymed and this sounds awesome too. Christopher Jacobson is a singer with a lot of skills, a musician ‘pur sang’, a good composer... making this release worth out purchasing it. The symphonic sound on this release can be described as being both expressive and melodic, especially in the vocal and guitar sections as a result of harmonized layering. This surprising record is far too short and makes me longing for more, much more! I keep my eyes on these guys, be sure of it! Check it out at  

My Points: 86 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)