Metal To Infinity

Somewhere in Lima, Peru - Cobra was formed back in the early days of 2005. A bunch of young ages guys with the intention playing old school Heavy Metal as could as possible... I can only support such initiatives.  

I received Cobra's first demo, released in 2005 plus they also sent me their second demo CD entitled ''The Highland Warrior'' which saw the crack of dawn in 2007. Unleashed fully independent, both of these works were good - old school Heavy Metal music all the way! Their first output had only two songs on board 'Rockmetal' and 'Blessed By Beer'... to be honest, these songs don't impress me at all!. The intentions were good but the skills were lacking which is pretty normal for an upcoming new band. To learn from your own mistakes is the best lesson to grow up and so Cobra also did. The four songs on ''Demo II: The Highland Warrior'' pleased me a lot better - 'Heavy Metal Machine', 'Men Of War', 'Scene Of Our End' and 'Highland Warrior' showed a band who took a big step forward on several musical aspects as well as for the production stuff.  

Another self financed, third effort came out in 2008 as ''Promo 2008'' - the silver disc was loaded with four tracks and again... progress was noticeable / audible for sure. Besides a re-worked  version of 'Heavy Metal Machine', it felt good while listening to 'Inner Demon, 'The Roadrunner (Bite My Dust)' and a great Metalucifer cover 'Flight Of Iron Pegazus'. Fist demo had a very poor sound quality but the point is that through the years of existence all went up hill. Dealing with line up changes in the past - now Cobra exists out of 5 musicians definitely in for the kill to offer old school Heavy Metal to the masses.    

Very important is that Cobra shows many elements how strong their passion for Classic Metal really is so my respect for these guys is sincere - all they need is the right opportunity to spread their own words on a world wide base. I also understand very well that's a hard task to fulfil in the nowadays world of Heavy Metal music. Hopefully these youngsters can find the right people to help him out with it. At Metal To Infinity, we have no problem to do so I hope from you the same. Spread the word of Cobra and be one with Classic Heavy Metal like we always did since decades ago!    

Cobra also appeared on a split CD released through Astral Holocaust in 2009. Along with a Columbian band named Skull, nine songs were added to the CD tracklist and there is more to announce... Since early June 2009, you can also order a very special item from Cobra! Deathrash Records released ''Kamikaze Tapes: The Official Bootleg'' - actually a cassette tape, on board 10 old fashioned Heavy Metal works that'll pleases True Metal maniacs completely. Despite we're living in a world of pure digital technology, these kinda tapes are still very worthy to collect in your own private Metal arsenal you know!    

So far - so good for Cobra... they have quite a lot to learn but I'm sure they will survive but are strong enough to fight the fight with other troops of Metal. I believe in a good future for Cobra as they will keep their faith in old school HM. ''Time to put on studs and leather - time to go out into some heavy weather'' were the words of US Thrash Metal legend Nasty Ronnie (Nasty Savage) during their song 'Metal Knights'. Wise words with a message from a True Metal legend to fit completely with the style of Southern America based Cobra!  

MY POINTS: 84 / 100 (Review by Stefan)