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Coldspell is a band from Sweden that could draw our attention to itself with a self titled EP and the debut, full length effort called “Infinite Stargaze”. We at Metal To Infinity webzine were satisfied with both final result – Coldspell seemed a great band to keep our eyes on as time passed by. Thank God these Swedish lads are back with a brand new album entitled “Out From The Cold”, released through Escape Music – produced by Coldspell guitar player Michael Larsson and mixed by the well know Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Jorn, Pretty Maids and many others). 

Definitely convinced about the awesome vocal delivery Niklas Swedentorp in the past I can tell right away that on the new album it seems like he is even better. His voice still solid as a rock, loud and very clear – excellent singer that suits with Coldpsell’s type of music I’d lke to descibe as a perfect mixture of melodic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music with a serious approach to AOR. Raising up a band with this type of frontman surrounded by a gang of multifunctional, skilled to the teeth musicians it’s almost impossible to let the deal go wrong. For example, guitarist Michael Larsson again in very good condition offering impressive movements while enchanting his magical axe in upper concentration… loaded with a beautiful, technical form of riffage and solo’s – as a shred guitar maniac, I'm pleased to the extreme! 

Twelve strong songs as adding on “Out From the Cold”… ‘Heroes’ opens the curtain in style with marvellous vocals and powerful guitar riffage / brilliant solo’s in the good old Classic Hard Rock / Metal tradition used to know from legendary Dokken fame. 80s Classic Hard Rock maniacs better watch out for tracks such as ‘Save Our Souls’ or ‘Angel Eyes’ – two works in the vein Coney Hatch, Gotthard, 220 Volt or even almighty early Dokken. ‘Time’ takes you on a pleasant AOR trip delivering easy on the ear moments as well as more guitar driven passages are on its way.  

Fact that makes Coldspell Classic Hard Rock comparable has also to do with the use of Hammond organ. Every now and than, you’ll hear this instrument in full glory – pay attention on the song called ‘Fate’ for example and be a witness of a battle going on between strong guitar powerplay and Hammond organ moves. They saved the most heavy track to shut down this new Coldspell effort in style. It’s the titletrack that smacks me in the face by driving forces and very good song structure. I just want to underline it one last time, each one in Coldspell is really good – excellent musicians knowing damn well how to serve great music reminiscent to a time long gone but still alive and kicking! To make the story complete I have to mention that Europe drummer Ian Haugland also shows his appreciation to Coldspell – he entered the ranks as guest musician as can be heard on a song called ‘Fate’. 

Sound quality is excellent, booklet including nice images and lyrics reflecting a pure professional end result – I can conclude with a very positive note… Great album for fans of early Dokken, Whitesnake, Coney Hatch, Guiffria, Night Ranger, Blue Murder. Check ‘em out at:  or  

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)