Metal To Infinity

A few years ago I purchased some kind of bootleg version of the “Engraved In Stone” CD of Commandment. Musical wise it was all I was searching for and it wasn’t a coincidence that I found this exemplar at one of the editions of the Keep It True Festival. If you want to find unknown yet superb US Metal albums I can only advise you to pay a visit to the Metal market at this festival. The only problem with the CD was the poor production.  

Pure Steel Records must have noticed this jewel and re-released it officially not that long ago and believe me every US Power Metal fanatic has the duty to add this gem to its collection. These albums makes its spins once and a while because I believe it belongs amongst the best albums ever in this particular genre. 

Last August I mentioned that another album of the band was released, entitled “No Mercy”. I was incredibly enthusiast until I’ve noticed the album was only available on vinyl. I have no vinyl anymore, nor do I have a record player… I admit I was very disappointed about it but for some reason I was expecting the release of a CD later on… and here it is!  

Commandment contains everything a US Power Metal fanatic wants; up-tempo sophisticated rhythms, a blend of dark powerful arrangements and magnificent guitars, high pitched soaring vocals! Especially the vocals are extraordinary,  David Nava(R.I.P.) is without any doubts the kind of US Metal singers that deserves to be worshipped!  

This album was recorded at the end of the Eighties but never saw the light of day. The recordings were found back and were re-mastered for this version. A few ‘hidden tracks’ are added and so it makes it all worth buying this release although I’m not the biggest fan of this kind of hidden songs. The production is not that good but Commandment is musical wise so good that I don’t really care…. The advantage is that these songs are clearly separated from the “No Mercy” album!

If you would ask me to compare Commandment with other bands I would mention Oliver Magnum, Oracle, Ritual, Mystic Force, Glacier etc. I know that only the chosen few recognize these bands and will understand what we are talking about! The same atmosphere can be found on this release. Songs like “Betrayed”, “The Cell”, “No Mercy” and “Kamikaze” are godlike and foreseen with fantastic and shredding guitar solos. Everything about this band can be announced as spectacular and I really hope for a reunion at one of those mighty German True Metal festivals.  

US Metal fans and people who adore the Eighties Metal scène shouldn’t doubt buying this one! This is the kind of Heavy Metal we are living for, some of the purest US Power Metal! With a stronger production I would have advised this one to a bigger public… I will, when the band will release their new album.  

My Points: 88 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)