Metal To Infinity

Compilation album "Compendium Of Metal Vol. 3" is out for about a few weeks – this Metal On Records release has a whole lot to offer (as usual)… True Metal maniacs will have the time of their lives, that’s for sure! No doubt about it, since a couple of years Metal On Metal Records developed to one of the most attractive labels. Maybe you should take a good look / listen right HERE watching all the great albums released so far and very good point to know – more efforts are on the list to appear on the Metal horizons later on this year (read 2010). Since the last edition of Keep It True Festival in Germany, two of them are unleashed by the name of Mortalicum (album: Progress Of Doom), Ragenheart with a self-titled output. Check out our CD reviews index from time to time because I will share my thoughts with all of you concerning Metal On Metal Records’ newcomers, so Mortalicum as well as Ragenheart are the first ones to work out!

Some of the tracks on "Compendium Of Metal Vol. 3" were previously released but on the other hand, the album offers a lot more of interesting goodies, I mean previously unreleased songs from bands like Nomad Son (live recording of the track ‘Empyrean Fade'), True Metal band Skelator delivers a demo version of a brand new work called ‘Birth Of Steel’, also the thrashers from Fallen Angels strike back with the rough-mix version of ‘The Gates Of Irony’… so far the “Compendium Of Metal Vol. 3" album, nothing but awesome Metal music spoiled my ears totally! Knowing that the new albums from these bands are well underway to release – Metal On Metal Records offers the very best in Metal music once again!

Next on the list is a pre-final mix of excellent Doom Metal gods Heathendom’s new song ‘Endistancement By The Null Position', wonderful track from their forthcoming album “The Symbolist”. There is one last song on the album I never heard before and that’s ‘Evil Shred Part Three’ from US Power / Speed Metal act Frankenshred. I really like these guys’ way of Metal through and true! Old school minded Metal played in full shred mode – awesome! Make notice of the fact also Frankenshred will be back with a vengeance – Metal On Metal Records will re-release their first 2 instrumental albums later on in June. Damn right I look forward to hear the final result!

Well, so far my overview of all the great ‘previously unreleased’ works from Metal acts I’d like to bow for. Besides all these there’s a lot more to enjoy, tracks from bands we’ve heard before but still sticking to my Metal soul. Troops like Catch 22, Brutal Hand, Midnight Idöls, F.K.Ü. to name but a few – I just can’t get enough of their way of Metal… it still makes me go on on good or bad days!

“Compendium Of Metal Vol. 3” is a great compilation to me – needful band information, great images and more can be found on the the several pages of thick booklet. Leaders of the pack Jowita and husband Simone worked it all out in a very decent manner so stand strong for at least 74 minutes of superior Metal in multiple styles. Fans of Classic Heavy / Traditional or Doom Metal as well as US Power / Speed / Thrash Metal definitely have to order rapidly with a rested heart. 

My Points: 93 / 100
(Review by Stefan)