Metal To Infinity

At the moment, Metal On Metal Records celebrates their 5th anniversary and I’d like to raise my bucket of beer to that sincerely. This dedicated label adds value to the world of Heavy Metal in full glory since 2008 - it’s not a secret that old school Metal reigns supreme in their house and I’m damn glad about it! There is something to enjoy for everyone into Metal, no matter if you’re hooked on Classic Heavy Metal or US Power, Doom, Speed, Thrash, Progressive… even old fashioned Death and Black Metal addicts will find something for themselves. Without beating around the bush – to me Metal On Metal Records is one of the most interesting labels at the moment!

Well, the newest and fifth edition of their "Compendium Of Metal" series again has very good stuff on offer. At the latest edition of the majestic KIT Festival, MOM was present to spoil the True Metal maniacs with three new albums – also they announced some new bands added to their roster. Recently, I wrote the reviews for new CDs of Skelator “Agents Of Power” (
read), Sacred Gate “When Eternity Ends” (read) and Mortalicum "The Endtime Prophecy" (read). Three times in a row it was a total satisfaction – Metal thrills all over!

"Compendium Of Metal Vol. 5" features one song of each band whose albums were and still will be released in 2012, so you can make up your own mind about what to expect. Besides, this compilation also contains tracks taken from albums released by MOM in 2011: Bitter End ("Have A Nice Death!"), Heathendom ("The Symbolist"), Catch 22 ("Monumetal"), Nomad Son ("The Eternal Return" LP), Meliah Rage ("Dead To The World"), Battlerage ("True Metal Victory"), Wishdoom ("Helepolis") and Outrage ("Go To Hell"). What attracted my attention most of all are the tracks taken from upcoming albums to be released later in 2012.

I can hardly wait for the CD release of a true fave of mine, the legendary US Metal act Heretic and their brand new album "A Time Of Crisis" to be released in July 2012. Metal Compendium Vol. 5 also features a fantastic (actually pre-final mix) song from another favourite band named Frankenshred. The song 'Hard, Fast And Loud' will be on their new album "Electric Axe Attack" so better watch out for this US shredding Speed Metal attack! I can’t live without my daily portion of US Power Metal so I’m longing to hear both works, a real Metal fix lies ahead! October will bring a band I’m not familiar with called Arkham Witch – after hearing one track entitled ‘For Metal’ I know these English lads will deliver the goods in the vein of Manilla Road, Judas Priest and mighty Witchfinder General mixed with NWOBHM elements… another one to look forward to! And last but not least, Metal On Metal Records also will unleash the new album from a band called After Oblivion entitled “Stamina”. They’re from Bosnia and Herzegovina and I've never heard of them before but I’m very curious about the album. I listened to their song ‘Deliverance’ several times and I cannot deny that I’m firmly impressed. I hear a great band influenced by good old Atheist, Death, Cynic, Nocturnus, Sacrifice, Kreator, Pestilence and stuff. Name of the game for After Oblivion: technical Death / Thrash Metal – their upcoming album is one to look forward to!

"Compendium Of Metal Vol. 5" feels like a gift from the heavens of Metal – loaded with songs from the past, new ones and stuff awaiting to break out soon. A compilation album that brings a lot of listening pleasure and I’m sure my neighbours can testify that. But I really don’t care about them, point is that all the pleasure was mine. Superb, enjoyable compilation to be played on 10! Order possibilities at: 

My Points: 94 / 100 (Review by Stefan)